Welcome to Our Classroom!

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Welcome to Miss Kweder's Classroom!

Dear Families!!

Hello and welcome to the start of a fabulous school year! I am thrilled to be a part of this community and even more excited to begin a new chapter in my career with teaching first grade! This year we will be learning a variety of topics in math, science, social studies, reading, writing, and langauge arts. The expectations of your child will be higher than they were in the kindergarten.  Each week students will be given a reading log which they are to fill out and have signed by a parent or guardian. Students are also expected to work hard and put in their best effort to all activities and discussions we may have in class.Friday Folders will be given out each week for extra practice over the weekend and returned for bonuses. 

I believe that all students can learn. By working together as a team between the teacher, student, and parent, diverse learning styles and abilities will be given recognition for individual learning. Each child has the ability to reach the goals and achieve academic excellence by assuming personal responsibility, and committing to life-long learning. Team agreed challenges will be set for each individual student to conquer. I am committed to each student that I have the privilege of teaching. I am eager to watch them learn, grow, and aid them in achieving life-long skills for society. 

I cannot wait to start the school year and to get to know all of you and the unique qualities that you will bring to our classroom! We will all do a lot of growing this year while working together. I know this will be a wonderful year!

All the Best!

Miss. Kweder                                                   

"Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a Fish by its ability to Climb a Tree, it will live its whole life Believing that it is stupid." 

                                                                                                                                -Albert Einstein 

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Personal Philosophy 

I believe all students, with and without disabilities can fully succeed in school and be well-rounded educated individuals. As a special education teacher, I believe all students, such as students with  low incidence disabilities can succeed! Students, with low incidence disabilities, need guidance and effective special educational supports to allow students to fully engage in the classroom and enhance student learning. If student needs extra supports, students can receive special education services to encourage student success and enhance student learning.  Our school offers great supports for all students and allows all students to be fully accepted. I belive all student learn best if students are included in inclusive classrooms and student diversity. My goal for my studetnts to put 110% effort in my classroom to become successful! 

Contact Information

Email: skweder@ben.edu            

Phone: 630-878-8113

Additional Contacts

Main Office: 630-969-7271                                                                       Principal: 630-380-4148                                                                                        Nurse: 630-380-4150

Absent Number: 630-969-7265                                                           Vice Principal: 630-380-4149                                                                                  Library: 630-380-4121