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The classroom rules are listed above. Simple and reachable, each student is expected to follow these rules each day they walk into my classroom. When these rules are followed, students will be respected and learning will reach its full potential!


There will be a number behavior chart in the back of the classroom with every students number on a close pin. Each day students will start at the number "4". The numbers represent how many beads a student will earn at the end of the day. Once a student reaches '30' beads, they can trade it in for a dog tag. Once '30' dog tages are reached, a big prize is awarded. They can also trade their tags in for other prizes. Students can earn thier beads back throughout the day with good behavior and being kind to others. 

NOTE: Any violence will be a direct call home and be removed from the classroom.

1. Earning a '3' will just be a warning for the student.

2. Earing a '2' will be the loss of ONE bead.

3. Earning a '1' will be a note home.

4. Earing a '0' will be a call home/sent to office. 

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Behavior Plan

Sometimes students' behavior in the classroom is not always pleasurable. When it potentially becomes a problem, I will begin to record and chart this undesired behavior. If the behavior I record becomes an issue, I will contact you and let you know and show you the charted information and devise a plan to help your student succeed. If this is the case, the student and I will create a plan to overcome the issue. Parents/guardians will always be notified about the plan even before it is created. Both the student, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and I will sign the behavior plan once it is agreed upon. The behavior plan will identify the behavior that needs to be changed, the beahvior that needs to be exhibitited, the consequences for breaking the behavior plan, and what the student gains for correctly going through with the plan. The plan will be enforced heavily at the beginning and tiered down so student can reach desired behavior without plan (if possible).

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