Classroom Procedures

Beginning of the Day

  • Place your coat and backpack in your locker
  • Walk in the room quietly and respectfully
  • Move your clothespin on the lunch chart to your choice for the day
  • Sit down in your assigned seat by the time the bell rings
  • If you are not in your seat when the bell rings you will be marked tardy
  • Begin the bell work that is written on the SMART Board
  • Continue to work quietly until the announcements begin
  • Stand up and recite the pledge
  • Sit back down in your seat and continue the bell work
  • Work quietly until I ask for your attention


  • I will use the lunch chart in order to take attendance
  • Each day, you will come into class and move the clothespin with your name on it, from the bowl, to your choice for lunch (this includes all cafeteria options and a sack lunch option)
  • When the bell rings, I will look in the bowl to see whose clothespins have not been put on the chart
  • I will verbally announce those names to see if they are present and forgot to make their lunch choice
  • Those names who are still there will be marked absent

Classroom Helper

  • There will be a “Classroom Helper” listed on the board at the beginning of each week for attendance/lunch count (this will be chosen by the SMART Board feature “Random Word Sorter”)
  • You will come to the lunch chart and count up how many clothespins are on each choice, and record that number on the lunch count sheet
  • You will also mark an “A” on the class attendance sheet next to anyone’s name who is absent
  • You will then take the hall pass and bring both the attendance and lunch count to the office

End of the Day Cleaning

Ten minutes before dismissal I will:

  • Ask if there are any questions
  • Check and sign assignment notebooks
  • Have each group check that their designated station is cleaned
    • Every week, each seating group will be assigned a station
    • These will include classroom library, computers, lunch chart, math corner, science cabinets, and borrowed materials shelf
    • Each station is to be cleaned and straightened for the next day
  • Desk tops will be cleared and ready for the next day
  • I will give a bonus Question of the Day for an opportunity for students to earn “Paw Points”
  • You will get your coats and backpacks from your lockers

Closing the Day

  • I will ask all students to put their chairs on their desks
  • I will thank you for a great day of learning
  • I will give you a brief preview of the next day’s plan of lessons and activities
  • I will say “Good Bye!”
  • You will say “Good Bye!”
  • You will leave the room when I call your group


Leaving the Room

  • I will announce how I’d like your to line up at the door
    • For example, I will call you by seating group, by your birthday month, your hair color, your gender
  • You will reach volume 0 before we leave the room
  • The last person in line is in charge of turning off the light and closing the door

Returning to the Room

  • Walk quietly and respectfully into the room
  • Go immediately to your seat
  • Stay quiet until I give directions

Using the Bathroom

  • Raise your hand
  • Respectfully ask if you may go to the bathroom
  • Take the boy/girl pass
  • Leave quietly
  • Return quietly
  • Return the boy/girl pass
  • Quietly return to your seat

Using the library/resource room

  • We will only go to the library/resource room during scheduled class time
  • I may let you go to the library during silent read if you would like to get a new book
  • Some groups may be sent to the library during group work time to have more space to work

Using the Cafeteria

  • You are to leave the classroom as a class
  • Stand in the lunch line respectfully, keeping your hands, feet, and body to yourself
  • If you have a sack lunch, go straight to our classroom table
  • After you are done in the lunch line, go to our classroom table
  • Use appropriate table manners
  • Clean up your spot when you are finished
  • Throw away your trash
  • Sit at the table until you are dismissed
  • Return to the classroom as a class

Using the Playground

  • You are to leave the classroom for recess, as a class
  • Do not start running until you are on the playground
  • Follow all posted playground rules
  • Listen to and respect the playground monitors
  • When the recess bell rings, do not keep playing, get in line as a class
  • You will return to the classroom as a class

Behaving during fire and disaster drills

  • We have gone over all of the procedures for each emergency drill
  • These procedures are posted to the right of the door if you ever forget what you need to do
  • As soon as you hear the designated bell or signal, immediately start that emergency procedure
  • Stay calm and quiet
  • Listen for any directions that are given by me or over the intercom
  • If we are leaving the classroom, please quietly and quickly line up at the door so I can get our class out of the building as quickly as possible
  • These drills are not to be taken lightly and any students who make jokes about it will lose “Paw Points”
  • We will return to the classroom quietly
  • I will quickly go over what we just did and how well we did it
  • Then we will resume our lesson

Acting as Classroom Helpers

  • At the beginning of each week I will designate students to be classroom helpers for
    • Emergency backpack
    • Attendance/lunch count
  • The Emergency backpack helper will be in charge of carrying the backpack to each special (P.E., music, art) and during emergency drills
  • Attendance/lunch count helper will be in charge of counting and recording our classroom’s lunch choices, as well as the attendance, and bring it to the office

Make-Up Work

  • Come to me and tell me that you are back!
  • Go over the “We Missed You!” board to receive your folder of missed work
  • You have two days for every one day that you were gone to make up the work (If you were absent one day, you have two days to complete it; if you were absent two days, you have four days to complete it)
  • If the work is not made up on time, I will have you write it in your assignment notebook and call home for a reminder
  • If the work is not turned in within 2 days of your absent due date, you will receive a zero

Use of Materials

Distributing Materials

  • Students will have all books and folders in their desks
  • Any papers that need to be passed out will be passed out to each seating group
  • When I pass 4 papers to each group, you are to make sure everyone in your group receives one
  • If I miscount, please raise your hand and ask for more

Collecting Materials

  • When a worksheet has been finished, I will ask you to hand your papers to one person in your group
  • I will then come around to each group to gather the papers from that person
  • If we are taking a quiz or test, I ask that you simply flip yours over or cover yours when you finish
  • After everyone has finished I will come by and collect them from each student (do not pass them all to one person, I do not want people comparing answers)

Storing common Materials

  • All classroom books will be stored in the classroom library
  • Any assigned reading books will be in the cabinet in the back of the room next to the library
  • If you forget your book at home, you may ask for permission to look in the cabinet to see if there are any extras
  • In the cabinet under the “We Missed You!” board, there will be extra materials:
    • Folders
    • Notebook paper
    • Pencils
  • These will be available to students who forget materials at home, at the cost of “Funny Money”

Using the teacher’s desk and storage areas

  • My desk is for my use only
  • Unless you have permission, you should not be touching anything on my desk
  • The cabinets around the room are for my use only, also
  • Unless you have been asked to go into a certain cabinet, you are not to be going in them
  • These cabinets store many important materials essential to your learning and I cannot risk any of them being ruined or lost

Using students desks and storage

  • Your desk is your desk; do not touch things on or in other student’s desks
  • I reserve the right to touch anything on or in your desk
  • Only store materials that are needed for class in your desk , to keep it neat and organized
  • Treat your desk and everything on and inside it with respect

Using the drinking fountain

  • As part of our schools goal to keep our student’s healthy, I ask that you bring a closed top water bottle with you to school every day
  • You will be allowed to keep this water bottle on your desk throughout the day
  • Only water will be allowed, to avoid sticky staining spills from juice, soda, or coffee
  • If your water bottle is empty, you may raise your hand and ask for permission to go to the water fountain and fill it up
  • Please leave and return to the classroom quietly and respectfully

Using the pencil sharpener

  • There will be an electric pencil sharpener in the technology station available for your use
  • Please raise your hand and ask to use it
  • Please wait for a break in the lesson or during group work time or lesson transition to sharpen your pencil so you do not distract the class

Group Work

  • Throughout the year, you will be asked to complete worksheets in your seating groups
  • This means that you need to work as a team! Do not let one person do all the work.
  • You may split up the questions and go over them together as a group after you have all finished
  • Or you may chose to answer each question together

Cooperative Learning

  • Throughout the year I will split you up into groups, other than your seating groups
  • In these groups, you will be assigned a group task, to make sure that you are all participating
  • These will include jobs such as
    • Recorder
    • Reporter
    • Time manager
    • Facilitator
  • These groups will be assigned with 2-6 students, depending on the task
  • Each student will be accountable for their work as a group and as individuals
  • Decisions must be made on the majority
  • Respect each member of your group
  • Stay within your group and talk only within your group
  • Keep your voices at a moderate tone so that it doesn’t get too loud in the classroom

Moving in and Out

  • If during a task you need to leave the room, you must ask for permission
  • You will then take the group pass and go to your destination
  • Walk in the hallways silently, and go straight to your destination
  • Return to the classroom quickly and respectfully
  • Return the pass to me and continue your work

Behaving within the group

  • Treat all members of your group with respect
  • Listen to all member’s ideas and opinions
  • Make decisions on a majority vote of the group
  • Do not be concerned with what other groups are doing
  • Pay attention only to your group
  • When you are finished, sit quietly in your group until the class is done or time is up

Communicating with the Teacher

  • During group work or a lesson, it is best to simply raise your hand to get my attention
  • I will not respond to students shouting out my name or any hand waivers
  • If I am busy at my desk, please walk quietly over to me and ask for my help
  • Talk to me with respect and I will talk to you with respect


Paying attention during presentations

  • No matter who is presenting, whether it is me, another student, a group of students, another staff member, or a guest speaker, you must treat them with respect
  • Your eyes and body must be facing them to show them that you are paying attention
  • You are not to talk to each other during presentations
  • If you have a question or comment, please raise your hand and wait to be called on


  • To make sure you are paying attention to and understanding the lesson, I will ask questions throughout
  • Please raise your hand if you know the answer and wait to be called on
  • I will not always call on the same people
  • If you all participate, it makes the lesson easier and more fun

Talking among students

  • If someone is in the front of the room talking, giving a lesson or presentation, or asking a question, they are the only ones who should be talking
  • It is rude and disrespectful to be talking while others are talking
  • The only time you should be talking to each other is during group work or cooperative learning groups

Obtaining help

  • If you have a question or you do not understand something, please raise your hand and ask! 
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions!
  • If you do not ask, I will not know that you are confused and you will continue to be lost
  • You may see me after a lesson, after class, or during down time if you would like to schedule a time to receive extra help
  • I am here to help you. Please remember that.

Behaving while out of seat

  • If you have been asked to get out of your seat to get something from around the room, please move their quickly and return to your seat when you are finished
  • If we are in the classroom library for “Brain Break!” please sit on the rug quietly with your hands, feet, and body to yourself and listen to the story
  • If we are lining up to leave the room, please line up single file and stay quiet so we can leave
  • You should be in your seat unless you have permission to be somewhere else

Behaving when work is complete

  • If you have finished an assignment early, please flip it over and wait for instructions on what to do when you are finished
  • If your seating group has finished the assigned task, please sit quietly until everyone is finished or the given amount of time is up
  • You may sit in your seat and silently read until I give you directions
  • Please do not get up and start talking to each other
  • If you would like to use that time to go to the bathroom, drinking fountain, library, or ask me a question, please raise your hand!