Rewards and Consequences



Paw Points

  • Paw Points will be used as a reward in my classroom
  • If you answer a question correctly, show good character, respect others, go out of your way to help someone, bring in a real life example of something we are learning in class, execute a procedure perfectly…I may chose to reward you with Paw Points
  • These are simply pieces of blue paper with paw prints and a number value on them
  • You may collect this Paw Points in order to buy things from my “Roaring Rewards” box. This will include anything from fun pencils and erasers, to candy, to books
  • I also can take away your Paw Points
  • If you are disrespectful to me or a classmate, do not follow a rule, do not execute a procedure correctly, forget your homework….I can take away some of your Paw Points

Other Rewards

  • Verbal praise for doing something good
  • Recognition for being an outstanding student on the “Lion Pride” board
  • Asked to run errands for me to the office, copy machine, printer, or to another teacher’s room

Other Consequences

  • Verbal warning
  • A non-verbal reminder
  • Meeting with the teacher
  • Note home, to be signed and returned

Den Dollars

  • I will also have a reward system for the whole class
  • There will be opportunities for the class to earn Den Dollars when everyone turns in their homework, the room is quiet quickly, the room is cleaned quickly, the pack behaved with a guest or substitute teacher, and many many more!
  • When the class has received 100 Den Dollars, students will be allowed to have Monday Movie day!
  • Students are allowed to bring in one healthy snack, a pillow, and wear pajamas to school on Monday Movie day!