Sahara Scorebook

This will provide the opportunity for parents, guardians, and cubs to keep track of grades throughout the year. I will post grades weekly. For big assignments, I will post them as they are graded. I hope that this will help all of us keep track of missing and late assignments, as well as a tool to watch progression over the year!


I will follow the district standard grading scale:

A: 100%-89.5%

B: 89.4%-79.5%

C: 79.4%-69.5%

D: 69.4%-59.5%

F: 59.4%-0%


I will support the district with their assigned grading scale because I think it works. It gives a little room for cushion for each letter grade. This grade will consist of points that are achieved through authentic assessment (quizzes and tests), performance assessment (labs and projects), formative assessment (daily review, white board, exit cards), and class participation. Class participation points will be earned by coming to class on time each day, completing the bell work each day, completing assignments on time, working well with peers, and having a positive attitude and showing good effort. There will be rubrics provided for each lab or project, that tells step by step how you will meet the standards to receive the grade.  The following is a tentative break down of how points will be distributed each quarter:


Quizzes and Tests: 25% of final grade

Labs and Projects: 40% of final grade

Electronic Portfolio: 15% of final grade

Formative Assessments: 10% of final grade

Class Participation: 10% of final grade