Behavior Plans

In order to keep my pack in Room 17 safe and comfertable, while continuously growing and learning, I will be using behavior plans. I use these to correct and monitor student behavior. If your student is having difficulty controlling a certain behavior, I will implement a behavior plan to fix the observable behavior. Parents/guardians will be notified of the process of a plan being implemented and are welcome to give advice in the planning process. It is important to remember that this does need to focus on the STUDENT, because they are the one who needs to do the changing.

Warning signs that will be considered include:

  • disruptive behavior
  • incompliance to listen
  • difficulty controlling impulses
  • danger or harm to self or others

The plan will include:

  • The observable behavior that needs to be changed
  • Why it needs to be changed
  • How it can be changed with another behavior
  • How long the plan will last
  • Reward, agreed on by both teacher and student, for successfully replacing the observable behavior with the new behavior

Once a behavior plan is written, the parents/guardians will need to meet with me and the student so that we can go over, step by step, what the plan is. It will then be signed by each of us, including the student. I will monitor the student's behavior and progression in changing it. Depending on the behavior, I may keep data in the form of latency (how long it takes a student to start and do the assigned task), frequency (how often the student does/does not do the assigned task or behavior), or interval (how often the student does the observable behavior within a certain time period throughout the day, over time). Examples of these data charts are provided below. If this plan is working, rewards will be given. If the plan is not working, we will have another meeting to adjust the plan and try again. 

Interval Chart 
A check is placed in each time slot if the behavior was observed.

  Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Frequency Chart
A tally is marked each time the behavior is observed


Time                              Frequency                    Total











Latency Chart


Bell Rings At Desk Total Latency



4 min



5 min



7 min