Classroom Challenge

  We have started an incentive program in our class.  Students are recognized for their good behaviour, listening skills, helpfulness, attendance, and academic achievement through earning points.  Students can also have points taken away for poor behaviour and unwillingness to follow classroom rules.  When a student is given points (1-5 per time) they will have the number of points written on a ticket for them to put in our classroom points bin.  At the end of each week students' points will be added up and the top five earners for the week will have their names posted in the classroom. 

  Beginning in January students will be able to use these points as money to purchase items from our 'classroom store'.  This store will be open every Friday afternoon from January to June.  Various prizes will be available and it will depend on the student what they choose to purchase.

Classroom Challenge Weekly Leaders:

November 3 - 6

  • Natasha - 17 points
  • Remisse - 17 points
  • Khaleed - 16 points
  • Andrea - 14 points
  • Shazara - 14 points
  • Vashni - 14 points