Our Schedule and Homework

Our Schedule

Monday - Physical Education and Library

Monday is "DUE DAY" - the day when everything is due!

     - Math Homework DUE

     - Book Bags DUE

     - Library Books DUE

Tuesday - Art and Music

Wednesday - Physical Education

Thursday - Technology

Friday - Art and Music


Our Homework

Studies have shown that students who complete homework and practice skills perform significantly better in school than students of similar ability who do not do homework. Homework is also valuable because it gives students a chance to practice academic skills taught in school, builds good work habits, and it can be fun too.

Students will be expected to do the following homework each week...

     - Read for 20 minutes at least 4 days per week (a literacy bag will help provide reading material)

     - Write in the literacy bag journal (each bag has a choice of writing topics)

     - Complete assigned math worksheet

     - Practice math facts (addition and subtraction with flash cards and/or computer games [see Math Expectations and Web Sites])

     - Review spelling words (students practice words every day in class too)

     - Complete any incomplete or "redo" assignments