Science Expectations and Web Sites

Science Expectations 

This year's science concepts include:  matter, land formations, water and water cycle, plants, and science skills. To see the Parent Guide to the Science Grade Level Content Expectations click here .



Many science links on this page are hands-on experiences. Be sure to ask an adult for help before experimenting. Good scientists put safety first!

There are many games, quizzes, and other sites to explore that do not require materials except your computer and your brain. Have fun! 

Science Sites

Physical Science - MatterEarth Science - Landforms Life Science - Plants
•   States of Matterand Bodies of Water•  Plant Parts Salad Game
•   Solids & Liquids with Change It •  Landforms Matching •  Agriculture in the Classroom
•   Fun Stuff with Matter•  Landforms at •  How Does Your Garden Grow?
•   Slippery Slime•  Magic School Bus – Blows it’s Top •  The Great Plant Escape
•   Bubbles•  Magic School Bus – What on Earth? •  Fun Science Plant Growth Game
•   Make a Groovy Lava Lamp•  Quiz Your Noodle - Volcanoes•  Incredible Edibles
•   Matter Matching•  Quiz Your Noodle – Mt. Everest New Plants with Watch it Grow
•   cbbc Materials•  Types of Land •  Fun in the Garden  
•   What are the 3 States of Matter? •  FOSSweb Earth Materials •  cbbc Living Things
•   Matter Sort•  Inside the Earth •  Treeture
•   Solids and Liquids•  Landforms - Images  Plant Part Quiz 
•   Gases All Around Us•  Landforms MANY Links  FOSSweb Trees
•   Characteristics of Materials•  What’s it Like Where You Live? •  Where is Wood? A Resource
•   Separate Materials•   Landform Atlas – click on state•  Plants and Flowers
•   Changing Matter    then “shaded relief”•  Growing for Life - How Does…
•   Reversible and Irreversible Changes  
•   Balance – Weighing Solids  
Earth Science - WaterEnvironmental Education  Games and Exploration
•   Quiz Your Noodle - Water•  Groovy Garden - Green Choices•  Try Science
•   Interactive Water Cycle•  Recycle Roundup•  Chemistry Activities
•   Water Cycle Word Scramble•  Energy Kid’s Page•  Bill Nye
•   How Much Water Matching•  Energy Star Kids •  National Geographic Kids
•   Thirstin’s Water Q & A Quiz   EekoWorld PBS Kids•  Brain Pop
•   Water Life Game•  Planet Pals - Eco Friendly•  Funology
•   Water Sense Pac-Man Like Game•  NIEHS Kids Site•  Science Monster
•   NWS Playtime Water/Weather•  BeachKids •  Cool Stuff for Curious Kids
•   Virtual Tour Water Treatment •  Planet Protectors Club•  The Science Explorer
•   Make a Motion Ocean Activity•  NBII Kids•  Science Made Simple
•   Weather Wordsearch  Earth Day Coloring Activity Book  •  NASA Kids' Club
•   Tidepool Puzzler•  Kids Saving Energy Games More•  NASA K-4
•   Waterfall Puzzler•  MI Kids – Our Backyard•  Your Weight in Other Worlds 
 •  Earth Day MANY Games •  PBS Kids Go! Games
 •  Earth Day Games and Activities •  How Stuff Works
  Green World – Primary Games•  Science News for Kids
  •  Free The Beach - Recycling 
   Earth Day Fun – Primary Games