Social Studies Expectations and Web Sites

Our social studies curriculum focuses on history, government, active citizenship, and geography in the local community. We also spend time on the economics of everyday life including:  wants and needs, goods and services, opportunity cost, and local businesses.  These sites should prove helpful in expanding student’s awareness of social studies concepts and in reinforcing concepts taught in class.  Click here to view Michigan's Social Studies Grade Level Content Expectations.


Social Studies Sites

The Community

Map Skills/GeographyHistory
•   Community Jobs Game•  Copycat:  Memorize Continents•  MI Kids – Way Back When
•   Emergency Jobs Game•  Continents Quiz •  MI Historical Museum Kids
•   Traffic Control•  MI Kids – Map It •  H. Ford Greenfield Village Tour
•   The Community Game – Make a Town•  Go George, Go Map Game •  What is It? – Items from 1775-1820
•   Kids and Community•  Cyberchase Bike Route •   Hear Popular Songs in American History
 •  Elwood City Interactive Map•  Who is That?
The Global Community•  Make a Map Printable •  Time Machine 1976 Bicentennial
  Connect the World – Buster’s Card Game•  MapStats for Kids •  PBS Kids Go WAY BACK!
 •  My World Game •  Michigan Info
Government/Citizenship •  Push Pin Maps •  Smithsonian Kids
•  MI Kids -•  Map Symbols •   Build a Sod House
•  Hit the Trail•  How Far Is It?  
•  Ben’s Guide to US Gov. for Kids •  Where is That?Economics
•  Kid’s Bill of Rights •  Zoom into Maps •  Wants and Needs Info and Activities
•  US Symbols Match •  Place the State •  PBS Wants and Needs
•  Stars and Stripes •  U.S. Regions Game•  Wants and Needs Quiz
•  U.S. Government Games •  U.S.A. Puzzles •  Lemonade Stand
•  Paint the U.S. Holidays •   Geographic Regions •  Fun Facts and Trivia - Money
•  Paint the U.S. Landmarks •   Landscape Beginner (review link above first)•  Design Your Own Bill
 •  The Compass Direction Game •  Coin Memory Machine
  •  H.I.P. Pocket Change US Mint
  •  Circulating Coins
  •  Young Investor
  •  Kid’s Bank – Intro to Banking