Student's Perceptions Survey

                                              Blue = Yes           Red = No          Green = Maybe


Student Perception Survey Reflection

After reviewing the results of this lesson, I feel that all students in the classroom feel comfortable around me. They are not shy to ask questions or tell me their problems. Most of the students who respond "maybe" to these survey questions, just thought it was funny to turn their thumb sideways. I confidently believe this is the only reason that there were so many "maybe" responses to these questions. I learned that I have a great rapport with all the students in my classroom. In addition to having a great rapport, all students react well to my instruction and listen when I am talking. I am able to control the classroom with ease. I am always sure to explain material to students who are in need of further explanation. I differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students in the classroom. Students feel comfortable asking for clarity about content and activities. I feel when I am teaching I am able to gain and keep the attention of all students. When I am teaching or talking to any student in the classroom, I feel that all students respect me and are excited to learn. What I will be changing for my unit is my delivery of instruction. When I am teaching, the students get excited because it is a new fresh face. I need to make sure that when I am giving directions for something, I have the attention of all students in the classroom. This is something that I will be working on during my unit.