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Simple Machines

  - Simple Machines for Kids: 

  - Pulleys, Gears and Simple Machines videos:

  - Definitions and Examples of Simple Machines:

  - More Definitions and Examples of Simple Machines: 

  - Science for Kids!  Simple Machines: 

  - Background Information about Simple Machines:

 Interactive Games and Activities

  - EdHeads: Simple Machines in your House:  

 - Interactive Simple Machines Games:

Plant Growth and Changes

- Fun Facts about FUNGI:

- The Science of Gardening:

- The Great Plant Escape (bulbs):



Animal Life Cycles

- Alberta's Wild Species Facts (Alberta Government Sustainable Resource Development): 

- Insects of Alberta:

Butterfly Life Cycles 

Monarch Butterfly Interactive Life Cycle:

Rocks and Minerals

   - "This Planet Really Rocks": 

   - Rock Hounds: 

Rock Cycle Websites:












Waste in Our World

   - Worm World (worms and vermicomposting):

   - Glossary of Waste Key Words and Definitions:

   - Sort It Out!!:

 Hearing and Sound

   - Hearing and the Ear: 

   - "How Animals Hear" Task: