Star Student

Star Student

Every week, a student will be choosen to be our Star Student. The purpose of this is to give each student a chance to have special recognition and to tell us a little more about his or herself! The Star Student will be selected through a random drawing each Friday, and will be our Star Student the following week. Upon being chosen, the following poster will be sent home with the Star Student on Friday to be presented the following Monday:


The schedule for the Star Student activities are as follows:

Monday: "Tell Us About You!" - This is when the Star Student will present their completed poster to the class. Students (and myself) can ask the Star Student questions about his or her poster during this time.

Tuesday: "What We Like About You!" - Each student is to write down one thing they like about the Star Student. This can be anything, as long as it's POSITIVE. The compliments will be anonymous and will be checked and approved by me personally before I read them out loud in front of the class.

Wednesday: "You Pick It!" - The Star Student will select what book will be read during our "Healthy Snack Time"

Thursday: "You Time!" - The Star Student is given a 5 minute period during independent work time where they are able to do any in-class activity they choose.

Friday: "What You Like Best!" - The Star Student will select next week's Star Student (through a random drawing) and will tell the class their favorite thing about being Star Student.


*PLEASE NOTE: There will be some weeks when we will not be here all 5 days. In those cases, the schedule will change accordingly.