How may I contact you?
You may contact me through e-mail or telephone. My telephone number is 000-000-0000 and my e-mail address ismisshuman@email.com

How may I contact other teachers and support staff?
You may contact other teachers by calling our main office. Our main office phone number and support staff is listed below:

Jefferson Elementary Main Office:  (000) 555-5550
District 00 Main Office: (000) 555-5549
Principal:  Peter Principle (000) 555-5548

School Nurse: Nancy Nurse (000) 555-5551
School Psychologist: Patricia Psychologist (000) 555-5552
Counselor: Chris Counselor (000) 555-5553
Special Education Specialist: Sally Specialist (000) 555-5554
Gifted & Talented Specialist: Timothy Talented (000) 555-5556
Literacy Specialist: Linda Literacy (000) 555-5557


How will you commnicate your classroom program to us and our children?
I believe that communication between home and school is key to a child's success in his or her education. With that said, at the beginning of every month, I will send home a monthly newsletter that keeps both the students & their parents/caregivers up to date on our latest fifth grade happenings. Students will be informed of my classroom program during the first week of school and will be reminded of it during the year. In addition, throughout the year their will be parent/teacher conferences, parent/teacher/student conferences and curriculum night. If you would like to further discuss my classroom program, feel free to e-mail me or call me to discuss it and/or set up an appointment with me.


How will I know what homework has been assigned?
By clicking on the "Homework" section of this website or
clicking here, you will be informed about what homework has been assigned and when it is due. This page will be updated everyday, Monday-Friday by 5:00 P.M.


How will I know how my child is doing throughout the school year?
Each day, your child will be sent home with a folder that contains their graded work. I request that parents check over their child's work and sign the bottom of each worksheet, test, paper, etc. Conferences will also be scheduled throughout the school year.


What is your system for data keeping on students? How can you find the time to do this?
Although as a teacher to 30 students I am quite busy, I make it an obligation to keep of track of not only my students' academic performance, but their behavioral performance as well. Throughout the school day and once it has concluded, I make note of any disruptive, off-task or unusual behavior my students may exhibit. If it is a cause for concern or danger to the student and/or his or her peers, I will inform the principal and parents/caregivers immediately. Otherwise, these notes will be used for information used in conferences, functional behavioral assessments and behavior plans.



What is a functional behavior assessment?
An FBA is a comprehensive and individualized strategy to identify the purpose or function of a student's problem behavior(s). Once the purpose or function is determined, that information is used to develop and implement a behavior plan to modify variables that maintain the problem behavior and teach appropriate replacement behaviors. This information is determined through data collection done by me over the course of at least 3 days. Below are examples of the data and line graph summarizing the data:


Do you provide extra help for students outside of normal school hours?
Absolutely! My job is to ensure that every student is getting the best education possible! I am available to help students from 7:40-8:10 A.M. and I can also help students from 2:50-3:25 P.M. If you find that these times do not work with your personal or professional schedule, other arrangements can be made.


What if my child is struggling with his/her work, what can be done?
If a student is struggling, it is my goal to intervene as early as possible.  This will be determined by in-class assignments and activities, homework, tests and projects. If it is determined that your child is struggling, I can provide you with resources to use at home with your child and as stated above, I have time before and after school that can be used for tutoring and assistance. If your child has learning needs that are better served with a specialist, that will be determined. Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions, if we work together I believe we can ensure that your child will succeed!

Why do other teachers help co-teach lessons?
Periodically, other teachers will help co-teach each others' lessons as part of our collegial support group. A collegial support group is a three to five member team of teachers who seek to promote each other's professional growth and instructional expertise. We have frequent discussions about techniques such as cooperative learning; we plan, prepare, and evaluate curriculum materials; and co-teach and conduct reciprocal observations. Our principal also participates in our collegial support group by joining our meetings, conducting observations and helping to teach lessons as well. This not only benefits us as teachers, but the students as well! It is both interesting and enjoyable to have a lesson taught or an activity conducted from different perspectives! If you have further questions about our collegial support program at Jefferson Elementary, feel free to contact me.

What additional resources are available for my child to practice their schoolwork at home?
In collaboration with other teachers and support staff, I can provide additional worksheets, games and books for my students to take home with them to work on & read. I have included some educational games that may be fun & useful for students to work on at home:

5th Grade Math
5th Grade Reading
5th Grade Science
5th Grade Social Studies
5th Grade Writing