Other Important Contact Information and Resources

 Other Important Contact Information

It is important to remember that I may not always be available or capable to solve all issues within the school enviornment. In case you feel you need to contact a professional within the school, the contact information is below.

 Principal- Mrs. Sherry Blob


Vice Principal- Mr. John Kerry


School Psychologist- Mrs. Gretta Jasper


School Nurse- Mrs. Sarah Honeywell


Reading Specialist- Mr. Harvey Spears


School Librarian


Also, please remember that I work closely with the Principal, the school librarian, as well as the school nurse on many issues. The principal and I collaborate on the behavior plans implemented in my classroom, the librarian helps pick out books for subjects I am teaching in class, and the school nurse helps decide which snacks are allowed for students to bring due to allergies.


Important Resouces

Sometimes you may find your child having a hard time with the subjects we are learning in class. Because of this, there are study groups set up that all students in the school are allowed to attend. If this seems like something your child may be interested in, please contact me and let me know so I can give you the information.


Additional Teacher Support

Being a new teacher, I feel it is important to find other sources for fresh ideas and support. Because of this, I regularly stay connected with other third grade teachers in the building as well as past teachers I have had myself.