English Program: Mission & Vision

The English Program Vision

Our vision is one of students who communicate in the English language in a creative, reflexive, and critical manner. Each student should feel committed to the vernacular language, Spanish, and to his/her Hispanic culture, while simultaneously developing a high sense of solidarity, respect, and appreciation to other people and other cultures.

The English Program Mission

Our mission is to develop effective student communication in the English language. It is acknowledged that strong mastery of the vernacular language is fundamental to the effective development of a second language. Therefore, collaboration between the English and Spanish programs is crucial and necessary.

We want to encourage all students to be critical and creative thinkers. They should be able to communicate orally and in writing and be able to interact with the high expectations and demands of a society immersed in global interaction and collaboration. The program will offer a challenging enriching and integrated curriculum that takes into consideration the social, economical, cultural, and personal background of the student, including his/her knowledge and skills.

Learning Focused Goals

  • Standard-Driven
  • Student-Centered
  • Literacy-Focused
  • Relationship, Relevance, Rigor
  • Achievement