So what will we be doing??

This year we will be reading..

             The Count of Monte Cristo             The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn



                              Nineteen Minutes                                                Holes     



Along with reading these books, we will focus on vocabulary development, comprehension, and writing various forms of responses.

Part of the work in my class will be based on effort, while the other half will be based on correctness. 

A = 100%-90%

B = 89%-80%

C = 79%-70%

D = 69%-60%

F = 59% and under

Not only do I feel it is important to grade and keep track of my students' progress using data on Edline, the students have the opportunity to provide feedback on my teaching techniques as well.  They can tell me if they like working in groups, or if they wished they had more time to work on vocab before testing on it, etc.  This gives me an idea of what works for them and the types of learners I have inside my classroom walls.  An example of one of these surveys from a previous year regarding the types of technology I use in my classroom is below: