Study Guides & Other Resources

Here are links to a few of the study guides we will be using in class throughout the year.  More will be added as the weeks go on! Smile

The Count of Monte Cristo,pageNum-61.html


 Nineteen Minutes




**Vocab lists and worksheets will be posted as they are presented in class.


I am available for extra help or tutoring sessions before of after school, please contact me (you or your student) for available times!


It is not only important for the students to do work outside the classroom, but for me to as well.  As a team, all of the reading teachers in the high school meet once every two weeks to discuss methods of teaching that work and those that work inside their classrooms.  Also, the assistant principal, the head of each department, along with all of the teachers in that department meet with each other once a month to discuss curriculum, state standards, and any questions/problems that arise.  This is very beneficial for all of the teachers because this is where we swap ideas and help each other answer some questions of our own.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on December 2 & May 9.  Sign up sheets will be posted ASAP!