TASC District 4/19

Welcome to TASC District 4/19

I. District 4/19 Constitution

II. District Officers:

  • Click here to go to a Google Doc that outlines the Officer Positons and Duties 
  • President School:

    • Marshall Junior High School 

      • Advisor: Jasmine Johnson
        • email: johnsonjl@marshallisd.com
      • Address: 700 W Houston, Marshall, TX 75670
  • Vice President School

    • Kilgore Middle School

      • Advisor: Debbie Leppart -
        • email: dleppert@kisd.org
      • Address: 301 N. Kilgore St., Kilgore, TX 75662
  • Secretary School

    • University of Texas at Tyler Innovation Academy - Longview Campus

      • Advisor: Jaime Burke Hicks
        • email: jburke@uttia.org
      • Address: 3201 N. Eastman Rd. Longview, TX 75605
  • District Coordinator

    •  Jaime Burke Hicks

      • email: jburke@uttia.org
      • School: University of Texas at Tyler Innovation Academy - Longview Campus
        • Address: 3201 N. Eastman Rd. Longview, TX 75605

Interested in Running for Office?

This is a great opportunity for you and your council to take up a role in our district!

To view the offices and their duties go here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1blSvOys51EETr3aURoGkTdU5OeJLAQWmUBI2ZqQN8rw/edit?usp=sharing

Only school offices are up for election this year.

RUN FOR OFFICE!  Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/SjmHhqELG7kiDqO32

Sign up by April 2nd


III. District Events

  • Spring Forum

    • When: Thursday, April 19, 2018
    • Where: University of Texas at Tyler - Tyler Campus (University Center)
    • Who: All District 4/19 StuCo students and advisors 
    • Cost: $7 per person (Includes Lunch)
      • Payment for Spring Forum can be made by check or cash.  Checks should be made out to “TASC District 4/19.” Payment should be mailed to MJHS (2710 E. Travis St., Marshall, TX 75672)
    • UT TYLER would like each student to fill out this form prior to coming to forum: https://goo.gl/forms/qEsiFJ9lnBGBX5No1

    • Sign-Up: Registration forms are due by April 2nd! Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/9ALrLGenCBdrTO9T2  
    • Contact: Jasmine Johnson (johnsonjl@marshallisd.com) 

IV. TASC News, Events, and Dates to remember

V. Other District Info: