Class Project-Anthology

The following entries have been turned in for the school anthology. Our themes were Favorite Weather, Favorite Teacher, Favorite Vacation, and Favorite Class.

Favorite Class

My Favorite Class                        

Bo Yoon Kwak

My favorite class is library class. The first reason is because I can read many books. I like to read fantasy books about mysterious things. My favorite series is Harry Potter. I like it because it has a bunch of adventures. It is interesting that the characters do magic. Also, there are scary mysteries the characters have to solve. I think it is a mass of fantasy, such as magic and animals that can talk to each other.

The second reason is because I can get bunches of information about many topics, such as heroes, animals, history, and plants. The third reason is because I can become smarter by reading books. Libraries are incredible!

I am convinced that taking library classes makes me wise. There is a wise saying, “Humans make books but books make people human.” My father told me not to forget this wise saying. That’s my favorite wise saying which is aligned with books. That’s why my favorite class is library class. I will give my best efforts in library class so I can get smarter. Books, books, books!



My Favorite Class

Jae O Lee

My favorite class is English soccer. On Thursday, I scored a goal. Everyone was happy. Everyone cheered. I couldn`t believe I made a goal. It was because Ji Sub helped me. As he pretended to make a corner kick, he passed the ball to me. I kicked it with all my power and it flew high .The goalkeeper caught that ball but soon he dropped it by mistake. It was my first goal. I was very lucky.

We, third graders, often play against fourth graders but we lose most of the time. I wish my team would win more often. Mr. Taylor is our soccer teacher. He plays soccer very well. When he joined the third graders, we were very happy and excited but he doesn’t make any goals. Most of the time, he passes the ball to the students, I know that is because he wants to give us the chance to make a goal. When the time comes and he must kick the ball himself, he always makes a goal. That's why I think he is a good player.

Twice a week, in soccer class, I play with my friends. I like it very much. After school, usually I have little time to play outside and a lot of homework to do. Thus, the the English soccer class is a very precious time for me. Also, while playing soccer I use my body a lot and it helps me stay healthy. The one thing I don't like about this class is that I feel hungry and tired after the class. I wish I could bring a snack to school and eat it before the soccer class. Then, I wouldn’t be hungry and I would be a better player.


My Favorite Class        

Min Seo Oh

My favorite class is P.E. because I like running and playing. When I run, I feel pleasant. Also, I can go faster than my friends. If you want to win a running race, you have to do stretching exercises before running, and you should picture the finish line while you run. You should think 'I can win!'

I think boy friends like P.E class, too. Boy friends don’t like studying and writing. I like both. However, I like playing more than studying.


My Favorite Class

Sungmin Choe

My favorite class in Maewon Elementary School is Science. It is my favorite because it is fun and we do many experiments together. This includes a volcano erupting, making "fossils", and seeing how rocks weather. I like experiments because I can try new things and see the results of the experiments. My favorite experiment I have done is seeing how volcanoes erupt.

I also like experiments about chemistry. My favorite thing to learn in science class is changes of matter. I especially like studying chemical changes because my dream is to be a chemist.

My second favorite class is Social Studies class. It is my second favorite because I learn about maps, towns, etc. My favorite thing to learn in Social Studies class is studying about maps. I like it because I have liked to draw maps since I was young. However, it is not as fun as Science.


My Favorite Class

Yun Seo Chung

My favorite class is 3-Maehwa. First, my teachers are kind to me. Second, there are many fun projects. I want to make a book or toys. Third, class is not boring when we cannot concentrate on class, our teachers allow us to play exciting games. For example, we search for vocabulary words in the dictionary. I love my class very much. I hope to study with my teachers and classmates next year, too.

Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher

Hee Su Jung

My favorite teacher is Mr. Lee because he is smart, funny, and makes us happy. He is handsome. He sometimes makes jokes, like at a comedy performance. Also, he teaches us Science, Math, Social Studies very easily. He can tell us many things about many subjects. That's why I think he is smart.

I think he is funny, but I don't want him to be funny all of the time because we have to study, not play. However, he is a perfect teacher.


My Favorite Teacher

Ho Kyoung Kim

My favorite teacher is Mr. Garari. When I was second grade he was my teacher. I like him because he was fun. He was good at the teaching English. When it was Halloween, he was wearing my costume and my costume was Snow White

I am enjoyed my class and everybody else enjoyed it, too. Would you want to take his class? Sadly, he is not here. I am sad but I have Miss James. Her class is fun, too.


My Favorite Teacher

Kyu Bin An

My favorite teacher is my third grade teacher, Miss James. She's my favorite teacher because, when I do a good job, she always rejoices with me. I am happy about her and me. Then, in P.E class, Miss James has many good ideas. She plays many fun games. In P.E class, we play soccer.  Our class likes soccer a lot so when we play soccer everyone is interested.

When we are tired, she makes our class lively. We have personal points and team points, so we try to get team points and personal points. Miss James says to always rewrite our diaries. I think this year has been good to me. If you have Miss James in class, it will be really fun.  


My Favorite Teacher

 Yoon Seo Ha

My favorite teacher is Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee is very fun but he is very scary. He makes fun things and he says we can play games. We play Go-noo in his class. I like to play Go-noo.

I think Mr. Lee is a very creative teacher. He can play the guitar, he can tell us things we don`t know, and he tells us fun things. I like singing time with Mr. Lee. He plays the guitar when we`re singing songs.

When I am a teacher, I want to be like Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee`s advantage is that he can tell to many funny stories to our class. Mr. Lee`s weak area is that he is very scary. Mr. Lee is a very funny and very scary teacher. He looks like a tiger when he is angry, and he looks like a monkey when he is kind.


My Favorite Teacher

Yoong Kue Park

My favorite teacher is Mr. Gerreri. He was my second grade teacher. He looked like a Korean pear.

He always asked us questions and gave us candy. He asked questions like, “What do you call half of a sphere?” If we had the most points, he gave us prizes. I won prizes three times in his class.

Finally, if we had time, he always went outside to do relay races. I like relay races because I am good at running. Most of the time, I win. That is why he is my favorite teacher.


My Favorite Teachers

Mirae Kim

My favorite teachers are Mr. Lee, Miss James, and Mr. Gareri. First, Mr. Lee is funny and he is very kind to me. Second, Miss James likes games. I like to play games to study.

However, Mr. Gareri is my most favorite teacher. He was my second grade teacher. Now, he is in Canada. He was kind and funny. Sometimes, when we were good, our class would have a party. He gave me candy.

Favorite Weather

My Favorite Weather   

Ah Yoon Chung

My favorite weather is warm. We can`t have fun playing outside when it is cloudy. We can`t have fun in hot weather.

In warm weather, my family likes to travel often. I love to go inline skating and cycling in the park. Warm is the ideal weather for a walk.


My Favorite Weather

Dong Hyung Kim

My favorite weather is cold weather because it isn't hot and I don’t sweat. When it's cold, I wear clothes and gloves and warm boots. I'm very happy when it snows. The whole world looks like it is covered in sugar, peaceful and blessed.

I hope it snows soon so that I can make snowballs and a snowman. Sometimes, I make a snowman with my father and mother and sometimes alone. I make snowmen that are not too big but very cute. They look like puppy dogs. I often keep it in the freezer, so I can see it, whenever I want. Sometimes, I keep it for a long time, even for a year till the next winter.

There is one more reason I like winter. It is because my birthday is in the winter, at the end of November. I'm waiting for winter.


My Favorite Weather

Eun Jun Kong

My favorite season is fall because it is cool. I don't like hot weather. Also, there are no mosquitoes. I hate them because they make me feel bad. The ginkgo fruit smells bad but I feel that fall weather is very good.

In the fall, the leaves are beautiful and look like fire. Also, it looks like there is fire on the mountains and they are very pretty. The color of fall sky is blue and clean, and there are no clouds. That color is very beautiful. Animals are ready for their winter sleep. It's good for me to go hiking in the fall.


My Favorite Weather

Han Sung Kim

My favorite season is spring because it is not very warm and not very cold. It is cool. I can play outside or go somewhere. The weather doesn’t feel like scorching heat. My family loves spring, too.  However, when it is spring, we have to wait a very long time so I`m a little bit unhappy in the spring.

Spring weather is cool but it is a little bit rainy so it is little bit damp. Now, it is fall but I am waiting for spring. I don`t like my family’s favorite weather, summer, because it is too warm and hot. However, I love summer a little bit because, in summer, I can swim in the water and I can have fun. I want the season to change to spring.


My Favorite Weather

Ji Eun Kim

My favorite season is spring, because spring is not to hot and not too cold. Sometimes, it is hot, cold, and cool. I see grass, flowers, and trees in warm weather. It is warm. I want to go swimming, sleep a lot, and play on the playground.


My Favorite Weather

Ji Hyung Ku

            My favorite weather is snowy weather because I can make snowmen. Also, I can have snow fights with my brother. In winter, I like to go skiing so I like snowy days. When it is snowing, I can play with my friend in the snow. We can have snow fights and make snow men. I like snowy days the best.


My Favorite Weather

Ji Sub Yoon

My favorite weather is in fall because I have a skateboard. I bought it today. The fall season is good for skateboarding. Also, I can eat chestnuts. The weather is cool, especially in the autumn.  Fall is not hot and not cold. It is only cool. We can play soccer, too. I love soccer and skateboarding so my favorite weather is fall weather.

My Favorite Weather

Jong Seo Lee

            My favorite season is fall. It’s because September 26th is my birthday.  The weather in fall is cold and chilly. It’s good weather to read books. I have one more thing. It is because I like to go the mountains to dragonflies and leaves that have turned to orange, red, and yellow. 

Outside, I can sweep the leaves. I like it because I can hear the crunch, crunch, crunch. Inside, I read a lot of books about trees. It makes me happy to be curious about trees. Also, it is good because it is not too hot and not too cold. I think it is a good season to do everything. 

            Also, last, there is no famine because there is a lot of food and fruit to eat. We have Chuseok and Thanksgiving Day. There are a lot of Korean proverbs. My favorite one is “High sky and plump horses.” The real meaning is that it is a good season to read books.


My Favorite Weather

Ju Hyeon Seong

My favorite weather is sunny and warm weather because this weather is not too cold or too hot. Warm weather looks like a happy smile.

Warm weather feels like soft things, like fur. I wear shirts and skirts when it is warm. I can go walking and biking so I like warm weather very much.

However, I like hot weather, too. We can go to the swimming pool. My sister also likes sunny and warm weather because she can go walking. I like these kinds of weather very much.


My Favorite Weather

Jun Ha Kim

            My favorite weather is sunny. I like sunny. I like to eat ice cream. I like chocolate ice cream. I like to go swimming.


My Favorite Weather

Jun Yeong Song

            My favorite weather is fine weather because we don’t need to take an umbrella. Also, we can play soccer. However, I like rain, too. I don’t have to go to my academies, if it is raining. If it’s raining too much, we need a ship.


My Favorite Weather

Min Gyu Kim

My favorite weather is snowy weather because snow is cold and snow is liquid. I like liquid, because liquid is cool. I can make a big snowman. In winter, I play have a lot of snow fights. I make snowballs with my best friend. My favorite weather is snowy.


My Favorite Weather 

Min Seo Kim  

My favorite weather is snowing because playing with snow is very fun. So I love also winter season with lots of snow. Snowing is the best.  I hope that every day is a snowy day. Winter is coming. I am waiting for the first snow. I would like to eat some snow, make a snowman and have a snowball fight with my sister.   


My Favorite Weather

Saehoon Park

My favorite weather is snow. I like snow because I like snowmen. I like to play with them.


My Favorite Weather

Sang Yoon Lee

My favorite weather is sunny. On sunny days, I can play. I like beautiful sunny days. I prefer the cool, sunny mornings of autumn. I like blue skies and sunsets.

Favorite Vacation

My Favorite Vacation

Ha Jin Jung

My favorite vacation was last year`s summer vacation. We went to Singapore and Bintan Island. First, we checked in to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Then, we took a nap. Later, we went to the swimming pool and swam in the deep end. It was very fun. I went on the slide! Splash!!!  

At night, we went to Night Safari. It was very dark so I thought it would be very scary and fun. I was right. We saw many animals that were wild and the bus had an open roof. The next day, we went on a duck tour. It was a bus but it became a boat and floated. It was interesting. On the third day, we got a hotel on Bintan Island. There, we met my friend, named Si Young. We played together and went to the beach to see a beautiful seascape. I like my last vacation because it was a fantastic vacation.


My Favorite Vacation

Ji Yeon Lee

My favorite vacation is summer vacation because I like to go swimming or skating. My mom lets me go swimming and skating during summer vacation. I have been skating since first grade. I like skating. I have practiced a lot so it is fun and easy.

I like swimming because swimming is fun. Swimming is easy and I like water. I like to play sports because sports are fun.

Some people say they like winter but I like summer. I like summer because I like hot weather. I don't like cold weather. I don't want to be cold and in cold weather we need to wear many clothes. I like hot weather because I don't need to wear as many clothes.



My Favorite Vacation

Jun Young Kim

Wow! It's summer vacation.  I had so many plans.  First, I read five books in one day. My favorite types of books are scientific books. Scientific books have some interesting and informational content. They contain information about health, nature, the earth, and space. I learned more information from the books. Second, I went to the beach. Third, I took swimming lessons.

I went to Gangwondo, with my family, for two nights and three days. We stayed at my aunt's villa. The villa was nice and luxurious.  It was a traditional Korean - style house. It had wild yard with a green lawn. I want to live in a house like that one.

I went to the beach. I made sand castles and played in the water. Also, I found some clams. My baby brother and I took a sand bath.

It was very fun. At night we went to the fish market called Sokcho Market and ate fried food. It was very delicious and sweet smell. The market was crowded with people. There was fresh sea food. Our family bought fried squid, fried shrimp and so many kinds of fish. At night, my family went back to the Villa.

Then, we had a barbecue party. I too much meat so I was very full. Eating outside with my family was really fun. We also ate sweet potatoes and white potatoes. They tasted good. I was especially happy and enjoyed myself because I spent time with my family.


My Favorite Vacation 

Seung Gyu Min

 On my favorite vacation, I went to Europe, during first grade. I went to France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. In France, we saw the Eiffel Tower. It was really high. At night, it was very beautiful. It was sparkling.

In Italy, we saw the Tower Of Pisa and the Coliseum. They wanted to make it sixteen floors tall but it is only eight floors tall. People think that it will crash to the ground in 2050. In Switzerland, we travelled by train for three hours. We saw things in a snow in museum. It was really fun! I want to go there one more time.  


My Favorite Vacation

Tae Hee Kim

My favorite vacation is Summer Vacation.  I go to Caribbean Bay because there is a lot of water there. Also, we can play a lot. There are many people so we don’t see our parents. I swim in the water and my brother swallows a lot of water. He can swim but, if someone pushes him in the water, he swallows it. It is usually an amazing day.

My Favorite Vacation

Yuna Choi

My favorite vacation was going to the Yeosu Expo. It was very hot. There is an aqua planet, an international house, and the ocean. First, we went to the Russian tent. We stood in line for forty minutes. There was a boat made of ice. It was square.

We went to the Korean tent. It was very cold. We saw many things. We also saw the Aqua Planet. There were turtles, beluga sharks, fish and many other things. I think it was a happy day.