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Please define in your own words in your math journal:
- coordinate plane
- x coordinate
- y coordinate
- ordered pair
- axis/axes
- origin

Now for the fun :)...
1. Go to the Illuminations Graphing Site.  Read over it.  (It is from the teacher's point of view, so pretend you are a teacher :) )

2. Click on the simple dot applet.  This is the first purple link in the instructional plan section.  Play around on the site and figure out how it works.

Give your graph a name.  Type ordered pairs in to the DATA BOX in this format (x,y).  When you click on PLOT/UPDATE, the applet will connect the dots in the order you typed them in.

3.  Plot a square.  Record the coordinates in your math journal.  Plot a rectangle and record the coordinates.  Plot a pentagon and record the coordinates.

4. Create the first letter of your name.  Record the coordinates.  Was this easier or harder than the shapes?  Why?

5.  Play the Mindsweeper game. This is the game we played together last quarter.


HOMEWORK.  Find a picture that represents your favorite school/university.  Simpler is better!  Draw on top of it a grid with lines that are 1/2 cm apart.  Remember my WFU example from class.  Bring it in for our activity tomorrow. 




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