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What we are doing in math right now....

Properties of Multiplication click here to find out more about the DISTRIBUTIVE, IDENTITY, COMMUTATIVE, and ASSOCIATIVE properties of multiplication. Click here for a video about the distributive property (only the first 3 or so minutes apply to our math)

Properties Game 

Properties Basketball

Multiplication:We started multiplication today, and we are using a method that is new to your children (and maybe you too!)  It is similar to the partial product approach, but it creates a foundation of true multiplication understanding.  Here is a link to an example problem of 14 x 23.  Once you fill in the chart as is seeon in the link, you simply take the sum of the numbers (200 + 30 + 80 + 12) to find the product.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you! 

DIVISION: Long division help!

D-S-M-B and Mr. Duey rap

Order of Operations:  help and practice problemsPEMDAS or Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally can help you too.

Algebra: a brief explanation of using inverse operations to solve

b + 8 = 12  We are trying to isolate the variable (get it by itself)
    - 8    -8  The opposite of adding 8 is subtracting 8, so we do it to both sides
We are left with:
b + 0= 12 - 8
= 4

3q - 1 = 14
     + 1   + 1
3q - 0 = 14 + 1
3q  = 15
 3       3
q =5

 Area/Perimeter: click here for an interactive program to help with area and perimeter.  IN CLASS AREA AND PERIMETER

Volume: in class web page


Bar graph creator

Online pattern blocks

Fraction help! :)

Equivalent Fractions help

coin toss
probability games

 Place value:
Rockin the Standards video and lyrics

Standard form: 32,590.22
Word form: Thirty-two thousand, five hundred ninety and twenty-two hundredths.
Expanded form: 30,000 + 2,000 + 500 + 90 + .2 + .02
Please email me with any questions--I will be checking my email tonight!  :)

Coordinate Graphing and maze

 Problem Solving Strategies:
Draw a picture
Find a pattern
Make a table
Write an equation
Work backwards
Guess and check
Use what you know

 Roll a die



Comparing Graphs


Different types of graphs

Misrepresented graphs 

MultiURL for geometry (lines, points, segments, etc)

Graphing webquest

Tesselations Multi URL

Prime Factorization YouTube


 Roman Numerals:
general info

Math online flash cards