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Some great resources...


Smithsonian Education
Kids can explore history, science and art through the famous museum’s website.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Kids can discover information about animals through live webcams, photo galleries, and exhibits found online!
Web books, Brain Teasers, and Math Arcades are a few of the numerous options that has to offer for students.

Discovery Channel for Kids
Puzzles, Quizzes and Interactive games for kids through the informative Discovery Channel!

National Geographic Channel for Kids
This site offers interactive videos and games to help inform kids about the cool things in the world around us.
Fun games for students about social studies, math, reading, science and more!

Nasa Kids’ Club
Engaging games about our solar system and beyond.

White House 101
Quick, easy to navigate site with interesting and current information about our country’s headquarters and history.

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Family Fun Printable Ideas
Many educational craft ideas for students.

Ambelside C.E. Primary School Math Site
Math interactive activities and teaching tools—a great resource for students, teachers, and parents alike!

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Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
A great resource for every type of lesson plan imaginable!

Gateway to 21st Century Skills
A wonderful search engine for finding educational materials.

PBS Teacher Source
Resources for teachers such as videos and articles that can be used in the classroom.

THE Journal’s Educators Roadmap to the Web
A technology based approach to educational resources.

High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium
A teacher resource that revolves around technology with great activity ideas, rubric formats, and assignments.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Federal agencies have come together to form this resource of information on arts, science, language arts, and math.

Learn NC
Online courses, multimedia, lesson plans and teaching strategies for elementary teachers.

Blue WebN
A collection of websites organized by topic: technology, math, English, foreign language, history, and health.

Guide to Building Visual Arts Lessons
The Getty Museum sponsors this website to help children discover the visual arts.

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North Carolina Standard Course of Study
A list of learning objectives organized by subject area and grade level.

The North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards
This website outlines the expectations for teachers.

The National Educational Teaching Standards for Teachers
Standards and rubrics for integrating technology into the classroom.

21st Century Student Outcomes
Outlines the skill set needed for students to be future ready


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