Economics Period 3

Please refer to the tab for Economics Periods 1 & 2.

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Project Information:


The project will be due Tuesday, October 26, 2010.

No later! Team One: CommunismMembers: Cody H., & Erik S., Chrissy P., Jeritt Y.

Team Two: CapitalismMembers: Louis M., John V., Graham M., Paige E.

Project: You and your group members will design a presentation that will persuade members of the opposing group to change their existing economy to yours. You must have facts that support your statements. You MUST use the textbook and the book I provide. Make sure you describe your economy and how it works, what the benefits are, and any other information that will undoubtedly persuade the other teammates to choose your form of economy. Use at least one historical reference.Roles: Campaign Director (make sign & poster), Presenter (be the argument person), Speech Writer (write the main speech the Presenter will give. Grammar and spelling count), Counterpoint (Find 10-15 questions the other group may ask and find a counterpoint) Counterpoint, & Speech Writer will need to have group input. Each side will be given 5-7 minutes to present. After each side presents, students will have a chance to ask a set of questions to the opposing team.

After debate is over, each person has to submit a one page essay stating who they believe won the debate. You have to cite specific examples given during the debate. Sources must be cited in MLA format before being submitted.


The project will be work 30 points. Tuesday, October 19, 2010: Gather information & research.