Miss Katie's Courier


 Issue 7

October 5, 2009

Ms. Katie’s Courier


What We’ve Already Learned… In our previous unit, we talked about the different shapes that we see every day.  We learned about squares, rectangles, circles, ovals , and triangles.  Try pointing out different shapes when you are with your child. 


This Week… We are learning about opposites, such as:   

BIG and small 

Short and Tall 

Open and Closed  

Practice using opposites in everyday conversations with your child at home!


Coming Up… 

In our next unit, we will be learning different Nursery Rhymes!  If you would like, you can start teaching your child your favorite Nursery Rhymes at home before we learn them in class!

 October Song 

When leaves are falling from the trees,

What month is it?


When it’s getting close to Halloween,What month is it?


When boys and girls will soon be trick-or-treating,What month is it?



Halloween Celebration!

On Thursday October 31st our class will be celebrating Halloween!  We will have a lot of fun activities at school.  The children are welcomed to wear costumes, just nothing too scary and please, no weapons (nothing like guns or swords).


*         Fridays are “Share Day” in our classroom.  Your child is encouraged to bring something special from home to share with the class during one of our Circle Times.  It can be a toy, a picture, anything that has special meaning to your child. 

*  Fall has arrived, and I am starting to teach the kids about the changing of the seasons.  I encourage you to take your child on a nature walk and find about 4-5 leaves that they can bring to school for a project!    

 *         Autumn also means that the weather is getting cooler!  Make sure that your child’s change of clothes is ready for cooler weather J