Ruby the Copycat

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Vocabulary for this story:


pleasant- something that is pleasant is enjoyable and makes you happy.

coincidence- a coincidence is when two things happen that seem to fit together but are not connected.

modeled-  if you modeled something, you showed it so that other people could see it.

loyal-  someone who is loyal stands by you in good times and bad.

recited-  if you recited something, you memorized it and then spoke it aloud.

murmur-  when people murmur, they speak so softly that they can hardly be heard.

trudged-  if you walked slowly as though your feet were stuck in mud, you trudged.

frustrated- when you try and try to do something and cannot, then you might feel frustrated.

imitated-  if you copied what someone did or said, you imitated him or her.

gushed- when you were excited about something and talked a lot about it, you gushed

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