Supply List

School Supplies for Miss Kelly’s Class



Why you need it, and why you give it to the teacher

2 boxes of facial tissues (Kleenex)  to give to the teacher

Each child needs to bring 2 boxes of tissues (Kleenex).  Your child will give them to me and I will put out boxes of tissue one at a time in the classroom.  This helps so that we do not run out of tissues.  Students are not allowed to keep their own tissues in their desks- we do not have room, and somehow children have a tendency to misuse them. 

2 Regular size bottles of hand sanitizer to give to the teacher

These will be kept in my closet and we will use one at a time for the class.  We use these to sanitize our hands before lunch and after the bathroom in case anyone forgot to wash.  Please do NOT by a little bottle for only your child to use.  They will not be allowed to keep them in their pockets during the day.  This causes distractions in class, and also the small bottles leak everywhere.  Also, if every child in the class has not sanitized, germs are still being spread to your child, so please provide 2 large bottles to share. 


24 Pencils to give to the teacher

You should buy several boxes of pencils, as they will need pencils all year.  Please send 24 pencils to the “Sharing Pencils” Box.  This way, if your child ever needs a pencil and does not have one, he or she can just get one out of the box.  Please DO NOT BUY “Univision” or “Papermate” Pencils.  They do not sharpen and are always breaking.  The best pencils are “Ticonderoga” pencils. 


4 Packs of Notebook paper to give to the teacher (wide-ruled and NOT is a spiral notebook) It is usually labeled “loose-leaf”

Your child will give the notebook paper to me and I will pass out one sheet at a time when they need it.  This cuts down on paper being wasted, wadded up, and colored on, so it actually saves you money, and then you don’t have to buy more paper later in the year when it is not on sale.


2 rolls of paper towels to give to the teacher

We eat breakfast in the room and we often have to clean up little spills, and if each child brings 2 rolls, we should have enough for the whole class for the whole year.

1 box of baby wet-wipes to give to the teacher

Sometimes, the children have sticky things on their hands or desks or spill things on their clothes.  I find that baby wipes work wonders for this!  If each child brings a box, we should have enough for the entire year!

5 Pencils (to keep in your desk)

Please send about 5 pencils to school with your child. In a pencil pouch at the start of the school year. Please DO NOT BUY “Univision” or “Papermate” Pencils.  They do not sharpen and are always breaking.  The best pencils are “Ticonderoga” pencils. 


A Pencil Pouch- the cloth kind with a zipper on it (to keep in your desk)

Please do not send a pencil box.  They do not fit in the desks with our books.  Please send a POUCH with a zipper.  These are usually made of fabric and also do not break easily like plastic pencil boxes.  You should write your child’s name on the pencil pouch in permanent marker. 

1 pack of 24 Crayola brand crayons FOR HOME USE ONLY

These are to be kept at HOME and used when the homework calls for coloring.  Please do NOT BRING THESE TO SCHOOL.  Miss Kelly has crayons already when we need them in class.  I find that only passing out crayons when we use them cuts down on problems with coloring in our precious books, or throwing crayons at each other, etc…

1 Pencil Sharpener that holds the shavings (to keep in your desk)

Please buy a few of these if they are on sale.  The blades get dull after about a month, and your child will need a new one when that happens.  They are not allowed to have the pencil sharpeners that do not have a container for shavings because the shavings get all over the floor, and the inside of the desks, and cause dirty clothes, dirty books, and other problems. 

Please do not send the following things to school:

  • Do not send markers
  • Do not send scissors
  • Do not send Glue (But you will need some kept at home for homework)
  • Do not send rulers (I have these already)
  • Do not send crayons (I have these already)
  • Do not send spiral notebooks (The school provides 3 journals for each child)
  • Do not send calculators

                                (Miss Kelly has all these things for your child already)

**I have crayons and colored pencils too, but you will need a pack of crayons at home for homework