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Who Am I?

I am Kenya Brown. I am originally from Boston, MA and currently reside in Southeast Raleigh, NC. My family and I have been here for 3 years. After completing 11 years in Boston Public Schools (1 year was spent in a private school), I began my collegiate journey at Howard University in Washington D.C. No, I did not graduate from Howard; I spent too much time being homesick Frown. I took a short detour and landed at Lesley College (now Lesley University) in Cambridge, MA. Four jam-packed years yeilded a BS in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education.

During my junior year, I had the opportunity to be a student teacher in a public or private school setting. It was at this time that I learned about charter schools. At the time, charter schools were still new. Educators and college administrators were afraid of this new type of school, making it hard for teachers like me to become involved in one. Well, one thing you will learn about lil' Miss Kenya Brown is that she doesn't give up! I was placed at the Boston Renaissance Charter School in a 4th and 5th grade combined class. What an experience! I went on to be a building substitute and office assistant my senior year. I remained at BRCS for 4 years, teaching 1st and 2nd grades. I made great connections with staff, parents, and students, whom I remain in contact with today (thanks to myspace and facebook - yes I have both Laughing).

My family moved to NJ where I taught 2nd grade in Montclair for 2 years. Northeast Elementary School is a traditional public school. I faced an incredible number of challenges that left me longing for my charter school roots. While in NJ, i traveled back to Boston each month to attend graduate courses at Simmons College. I received my Masters in Education in Urban Elementary Education.

Leaving Northeast was not hard at all! The Browns packed up everything and settled down in Raleigh, NC. Although I interviewed for numerous positions in Wake County, RTCA had many of the qualities of my teaching roots. Immediately, I felt a part of the community- connecting with staff, families, and students in various grades. I am elated to return for my 3rd year!

I have been enveloped in 2nd grade for a number of years. Happily, I wave goodbye to it and say hello to 4th grade Reading and Language Arts! I am so excited for this move. I believe it will rekindle my love for teaching. I have a lot of fun and challening things planned for your students.

I have a passion for teaching, a love for learning, a heart for children. Each day is an adventure. Students learn to be active participants in their own learning, community members, and well rounded people. There is so much more to what makes me who I am. Trust me, you will learn more about me through your children. I look forward to working with your family for the 2008-2009 school year!