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Ron Nunn Elementary

Ron Nunn Elementary School, Brentwood, CA

Eagle Band


And thank you band moms for the wonderful end-of-the-band-year breakfast!  It was GREAT!

This is the end of my time at Ron Nunn :(    Next year, I will only be at Krey for the first time in 4 years

I have enjoyed the teachers, parents, and students here at Ron Nunn very much!  I will miss being here!

If you would like summer music lessons, I will be teaching at home beginning Tuesday June 18-July 16, 2013

4 lessons for $125.  Lesson can be shared with a friend - if you are both at a similar skill level, you can share a 30 minute lesson, and pay 1/2 the cost!

Please email me at:  if you are interested 

Questions? Please contact me at:

See you soon! Mrs. Griffith-Fraley



If you have volunteered to help, I will be contacting you soon!


Below are some websites you can check out! Just a CLICK away!

to learn more about the Benefits of Music :)

Mrs. Griffith-Fraley Plays Flute:

Mrs. Griffith-Fraley's YouTube Site ... Check out the many videos of people playing different instruments :)

Online Metronome:

Links to the top sites for various instruments: : When you get to the site, put your instrument in the search box

and you will see lots of links to other sources for fingering charts, etc.

Fun and Games:

Ear Training Games:

Note Reading Practice:






Get 2 Months for $5!