I am the third grade teacher for Our Lady of Peace School. I will be teaching all core subjects with the exception of religion. This will be my eleventh year and I have had opportunities to teach in the middle grades in addition to third. I am pleased to have the privilege of teaching your child this year. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.


HOMEWORK POLICY: Homework will be checked daily with the exception of spelling, which will be due each Friday. (Please see below for spelling options.) Homework will count as a test grade in each subject. Homework assignments not completed on the due date will be done at recess. Any assignments missed will be noted in your child’s weekly papers. A homework sheet will be sent home each week. This sheet will contain the spelling words, assignments, and any news for the class. However, it will still be your child’s responsibility to write the homework down each day. Homework assignments can and will change.



These are your spelling choices for the year. Choose one activity that will help you study for the test best. Work will be due on Friday morning. Late spelling homework will not be accepted. This homework is meant to help you study for you test on Fridays. Do not wait until Thursday night to do your activity. Waiting will not benefit you in any way.


Write the words and underline all the vowels.
Write the words and underline all the consonants.
Divide each word into syllables.
Write the words neatly in cursive.
Write your words using one color for vowels and another color for consonants.
Write your words 3 times in cursive.
Write your words 3x each in 3 different colors.
Make a set of flash cards for studying your words.
Make a word scramble and give it to a classmate to solve.
Use all of your spelling words to write 10 or more questions.
Write an antonym for each word.
Classify the words according to part of speech.
Write a great story using at least 10 of your spelling words.
Write newspaper headlines using your words.
Make a word search, using graph paper, with all of your words.
Type your spelling list four times; with each list typed in a different font. (Print it out.)
Cut the words out of magazines and newspapers and make a collage on construction paper.
Cut out a picture from a newspaper or a magazine and use spelling words to write a story about the picture.
Write each spelling word you missed on the pretest 10 times each. (Please attach the pretest to your contract.)

Ladder Words – Write each spelling word as shown below:
Example: exit


PROJECT POLICY: The children will be assigned a project, either to be completed in class or at home. For at home projects, I will send home detailed information on requirements and a grading rubric. Late projects will not be accepted. Each project will count as two test grades for the subject it is assigned.


GRADING POLICY: For all subjects, an average will be calculated by counting tests as 80% of the grade and quizzes 20%.


CLASSROOM RULES AND DISCIPLINE POLICY: Good behavior is expected and rewarded with visits to the treasure chest, good notes home, extra recess, and other various surprises throughout the year.

I have three simple rules.

  1. Respect your fellow learners, the teachers at OLP, and yourself. An infraction of this rule may include but is not limited to using curse words, making fun of other students, bullying, raised voices to a teacher, etc.
  2. Do not get out of your seat without permission. There will be times when this will not apply and the children will be taught about these times.
  3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on by the teacher.

      I will be using a color system this year. All students will begin each day on green and will remain on green if there are no infractions of the rules. For each infraction, the color will change and each color will have a specific action.

            BLUE – First infraction and a loss of 5 minutes of recess.

               YELLOW – Second infraction and a loss of 10 minutes of recess.

              RED – Third infraction and a loss of 15 minutes of recess. Please note the comments section on the behavior chart in your child’s homework folder.

            This will be documented each day in your child’s homework folder. Please initial this every day.




            I look forward to working with you to insure that your child has a successful year. God bless!










                                                                                                                                    Marie Krall