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                             FOURTH GRADE

                           MISS MARIE KRALL




            I am the fourth grade teacher for Our Lady of Peace School. I will be teaching all core subjects. This will be my sixteenth year.  I am pleased to have the privilege of teaching your child this year. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.



 Homework will be checked daily with the exception of spelling. It will be your child’s responsibility to make use of www.spellingcity.com/frogroom/ to practice spelling. There will be no written assignment. Any assignments missed will be noted in your child’s weekly papers. A homework sheet will be sent home each week. This sheet will contain the spelling words, assignments, and any news for the class. However, it will still be your child’s responsibility to write the homework down each day. Homework assignments can and will change.



The children will be assigned various projects throughout the year. Some will be completed in class. Some will be projects that will be completed at home. I will send home detailed information on requirements and a grading rubric for these projects. Late projects will be accepted at a loss of 5 points per day past the due date.



Each subjects quarterly grade will be calculated as follows.

TESTS – 50 %





















Good behavior is expected and rewarded with visits to the treasure chest, good notes home, extra recess, and other various surprises throughout the year.




                     These are the rules for our pond.

Follow instructions and procedures the first time. You must listen!

Raise your hand to speak! You must wait your turn.  

Outward thinking! Respect your fellow human beings.

Give it all your heart! You are capable of doing great things!

Stay on task! Your work is important!


      I will be using a color system this year. All students will begin each day on green and will remain on green if there are no infractions of the rules. For each infraction, the color will change and each color will have a specific action.

BLUE – First infraction and walk 3 laps at recess.

YELLOW – Second infraction and walk 6 laps at recess.

RED – Third infraction and walk 9 laps at recess and parents may be contacted. Please note the comments section on the behavior chart in your child’s homework folder.

            This will be documented each day in your child’s homework folder. Please initial this every day.

I look forward to working with you to insure that your child has a successful year. God bless!






                                                                                                                                    Marie Krall


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