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Class Info

Ms. Lane’s Syllabus and Classroom Management Plan



Calhoun Middle/High School School’s Mission Statement:

Improving lives through learning.


Goal 1: Calhoun Middle High School will improve academic performance.


Goal 2: Calhoun Middle High School will improve on a cohesive culture and positive climate that is intended to promote a sense of collective responsibility and ownership for improving learning.


Goal 3: Calhoun Middle High School will increase community, parent and student involvement in our



Classroom Routine and Schedule

  • Warm Up

* Review of current material covered/or to be covered that day

Review of previous day’s work.

Teacher led presentation on new material

Group or individual practice of material

* This may be hands on projects, technology, groups, partners, etc.

Questions & Assignment

(This is subject to change depending on what we are working on.)


Topics of Study for 6th Grade Math

  • Number System Fluency
  • Rate, Ratio and Proportional Reasoning Using Equivalent Fractions
  • Expressions
  • One-Step Equations and Inequalities
  • Area and Volume
  • Statistics
  • Rational Explorations: Numbers and their Opposites


Classroom Management Goals:


(Classroom management is the primary factor in good classroom discipline)


  1. . Provide a productive, safe environment conducive to learning.
  2. . Foster self-respect, responsibility, and empathy in my students.
  3. . Spark enthusiasm for learning.


Classroom Expectations/Procedures:


Students will follow school-wide rules.

o follow directions first time

o keep hands, feet and objects to themselves

o treat yourself and others with respect

Come in, sit down quickly and quietly.

Prepare for class.

Bring ALL MATERIALS to class daily!

o clear desks

o get paper and pencil ready

Begin assignment work promptly and read all directions.

Speak appropriately.

o in lecture/discussion,-raise hand & listen

o in small groups use quiet voices


Our classroom motto will be: “We can do anything we want in this class, provided it doesn’t cause a problem for ourselves or anyone else.”



Individual System:


Individual Incentives: Along with this program individual/specific praise is given to students who follow the guidelines and procedures.

     • Students will be given Pride Passes for going above and beyond rules and expectations

  • Students may be given opportunity to get into Prize Box

Individual Consequences for not following expectations/procedures:

  • Students are given one verbal/written reminder before the student must be retrained in the behavior. Retraining WILL occur every time an unwanted behavior is displayed. 

Repeated Behavior Consequences:

1st offense: Teacher will verbally remind student of the desired behavior.

2nd offense: Student will come in during their own time (recess, lunch, after school) to be retrained on the desired behavior. 

3rd Offense: Student will come in during their own time (recess, lunch, after school) to be retrained on the desired behavior. Student will also be written up according to the school discipline matrix. 

4th Offense: Student will come in during their own time (recess, lunch, after school) to be retrained on the desired behavior. Detention/Office Referral. Teacher will schedule a meeting with parents/guardians to discuss behavior and come up with an action plan.




Group Incentive System: Along with this program class/specific praise is given to classes when they are following guidelines and procedures.


Group Incentive


o Classes receive 1 point a day (Students are in charge of keeping track of the group behavior system)

o The word point is written on the board and kept track of in the front of the classroom.

o Students are in charge of updating their points every day.

o If a class keeps any part of the word “point they receive

their point for the day.

    • Each class will work to meet their own goals to receive a special reward at the end of each month. (Or 4 weeks of in-class time)



Can Choose (majority rules vote/democracy)


10 minutes math games during class.

Class may choose to save points for a “pick your activity” class period (45 mins of activity of students’ choice). 30pts.




sit where you want day


pat on the back


Keep trying; you can do it!




Group Consequence:


Disruptive group behavior, not following guidelines as a group or misbehaving for a substitute results in loss of points. If students do not receive points they do not enjoy group rewards/incentives.


Physical Arrangement of the Classroom:


Classroom is arranged in rows with periodic (usually by term) seat changing of entire class.


Homework /late work policy:


How much homework should I expect?

o 3-4 days a week;

What about unfinished assignments/homework?

o Assignments are directly related to assessment material. Students must complete assignments in order to be successful on assessments. Unfinished homework will result in loss of points. Repeated behavior will follow the “Repeated Behavior Consequences” stated above.

  • Are there consequences for incomplete class work, lack of participation in group work and incomplete homework?
    • Yes, students will not have the knowledge necessary to complete assessment, due to lack of understanding.
    • Parents will be notified based on individual need.
    • Grades will be given only on assessment of student knowledge and projects.
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