I will try and have the children complete all written homework while in class so that they can concentrate on reading, but sometimes this will not be possible. Homework should be checked every night and homework assignment should be signed by a parent/guardian. 

Homework Time: Homework should not take much more than 15 minutes to complete. If your child is consistently spending more time than this, or if one assignment is taking too long, please let me know. (You can send a note in the B.O.A.T. notebook!) Please read the homework policy under my "Classroom Procedures" section. I will try as hard as possible to get homework done in class so that your child can concentrate on the reading.

Reading: Each night your child should be reading for at least 10 minutes with an adult or older sibling. Most days the reading will be from our Abeka book series and will be reading that we have already once completed in the classroom. Other times I will leave it up to you, the parent, and the student to find a book at home or from the library that they find interesting to them while also being in their reading level. Every once in a while, I will have the student complete a very small and simple book report! This is to help with his/her reading comprehension and will be asking a few basic questions about the book along with asking them to draw a picture from their favorite scene. 

Reading time:  I ask each parent to make sure their child reads for 10 minutes a night. The parent can sign off on the students "Reading log" sheet to show me that their child has finished the 10 minute limit. It will also ask what book was read and who the author was. Some students may be reading a chapter book, so just write the number of pages that were read each night! ***A child that reads for 10 minutes a night, 5 days a week, for the whole entire SCHOOL year will have read for roughly 1850 minutes! Imagine what a great reader your child will be if they have that much practice! It will surely help them get into the habit of reading and help them in other grades! 

Tentative Schedule for Homework: (This is subject to change and some days may have more or less homework then said here. Sometimes when students are not able to finish their work during class or during another part in the day, they will have to take it home and do it for homework. I will try to keep this down to a minimum. If at any point you feel overwhelmed with homework, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am willing to work with you.  

 ***ANY questions or concerns about homework can be sent to my e-mail at Laurat@ccobacademy.com -- I check my e-mail all day long!