A B.O.A.T. BINDER is a special notebook that your child will carry to and from school everyday this year.

B.O.A.T. is an acronym for

Being Organized And in Touch

The B.O.A.T. Binder will help your child stay organized and keep you in touch with our classroom.

~~Please help your child learn to be responsible for their B.O.A.T. so that you will not have to replace it at all this year!

~~Please empty out the corrected work that I send home every evening. Remember to encourage your children for the good work they have done!


B.O.A.T Sections:

Zipper Pocket: This is for lunch money (in envelopes), book orders, permission slips, absent notes, change of 'going home' plans, etc. 

Calendar page: I will put a monthly calendar in the notebook with school events. 


Spelling List: This is for the spelling words due that week. Your child needs to study these throughout the week. Tests will be on Fridays. (Spelling will not start right away)

Important Notes: This is where I will put any notes/fliers from the school that you need to know about.

Homework: In this folder there are 2 sections, the left and right side. The left side will say "work to be done" and that is where you will look each night to see what is due the next day. Students are to do the work and in the morning they can take it out of the folder and put it in my "inbox" which is located on my desk. The right side will say "work completed" and that is where you will look to see all the work they have done and I have already graded. Parents are to empty this every evening. (Don't forget to praise your child for their hard work!)