My Classroom Website


Hello, thank you for visiting our classroom website. This website is designed for the students and parents of Mrs. Porters and Miss Lawless 5th grade classroom at Graham Elementary.

The first trimester is ending on Friday November 30th and we will be having a half day. School releases at 11:15 AM.

AR points are due Friday the 30th, students who met the 30 point goal will be allowed to attend an AR party!

Please get your students on the Xtra Math website, we will be sending information home about this in their Friday Envelopes.

The vocabulary words for this week are dividend (math), divisor (math), quotient (math), remainder (math), ally (SS), indigo (SS), rebellion (SS), tax (SS), and overseer (SS).

In reading we are studying the Revolutionary War.

In science we are studying variables.

In social studies we are learning about the 13 colonies.

In writing we are learning how to research and take notes.

In math we are learning division.