Helping Hands

December Helping Hand Dates

We need your help for some of the events this month! Please see below the event and tasks, if you are able to volunteer, please email Miss Leann.

Dec. 7th - we need 2-3 parents to attend; help set up food, take photos, and make the birthday student feel special. Please arrive at school by 10:00am for about 30min.

Dec 12th - we need 3-4 chapprones on the field trip. This is a full-school event, so there will be about 140 student in attendance of the play. Please arrive at school by 9:30am or arrive at the theater by 10:10am. We will finish at 12:30pm.

Dec 20th - the class party will begin after morning snack and circle time and last all day. Please come when you can between 10:00am - 2:30pm. We need help with completing crafts and visiting Santa.