Appendix 1

Appendix 1.1: This is a timetable of classes that I taught during my second practicum. Throughout my practicum experiences I have had the chance to teach in all of the Key Learning Areas.



Appendix 1.2: This lesson plan that I prepared for a Stage2 narrative writing lesson outline demonstrates direct links between NSW prescribed English outcomes and indicators



Appendix 1.3: This cooperating teacher feedback acknowledges that lesson plans that I have prepared use specific reference to the syllabus. This report also comments on knowledge that I have gained of students’ individual learning styles, individual needs and typical developmental indicators.




Appendix 1.4: This student work is an example of one way that IT was used in my lessons. Students created a ‘fractured fairytale’ over a number of literacy lessons and were then supported to publish their work on the computer in a rich task.      

kung fu

Appendix 1.5:  I had the opportunity to use interactive whiteboards and regular access for to computers and the internet at Coogee Public School.


Appendix 1.6: This photograph shows a group of students of varying mathematical ability engaged in a working mathematically task on Mass.                


Appendix 1.8: This teacher feedback supports my use of engaging and meaningful pedagogical approaches   



Appendix 1.9:  During my practicum experiences I have had the good fortune to develop rapport with my cooperating teachers. I value these professional relationships and hope to maintain and extend this network in the future.