Appendix 3

Appendix 3.1: This University of Sydney Tertiary mentor Report shows unique feedback on a Stage 2 English lesson. This feedback shows that I was able to clearly communicate lesson purpose to students and succeeded in creating an engaging and supportive class environment. The feedback also states an apptitude in creating cohesive and well structured learning sequences.


Appendix 3.2: This is an exemplar of a detailed lesson plan developed by myself, that clearly shows explicit learning outcomes and  the use of drama, visual resources and ICT stimuli to encourage meaningful student discussion. This lesson plan also shows a use of evaluative questions following the learning experience which was used to plan further learning.

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Appendix 3.3.1: The following images are an example of some resources I have created to use in learning experiences. The fruit and vegetables are made from laminated cardboard and allowes ES1 Students to kinesthetically explore subtraction in context. The following practicum teacher observation notes the positive engaement level of students when using these resources.




Appendix 3.4: This image depicts an ES1 visulual arts lesson that employed another resource I created. I developed a koala template and successive art lesson, using the notion of collaborative work to create an artwork on Australian animals.


Appendix 3.5: This work sample of a child’s narrative draft demonstrates written communication and feedback from the teacher (myself) to the student. This narrative was developed into a published work which was used as a summative assessment for the practicum teacher.