Students will have homework Monday through Thursday.  Spelling packets will  be 
given Monday and students must complete them by Thursday.  Spelling tests  will be
 on Friday.    Math homework will include daily worksheets to reinforce the activity 
that  we learned that day.  This worksheet will never include new material.  It  will 
be practice for the concepts that have already been taught in class.    Reading homework 
will include a minimum of 15 minutes of reading per night.   This may be through a 
textbook that is sent home, Scholastic Reading sheet  that is sent home, library book, 
or any other book from home.  Your child  needs to be reading for at least 15 minutes 
daily to continue to strengthen  his or her decoding and comprehension skills.  We will 
also have cursive homework or a grammar worksheet every night.  There will be no 
homework on the weekends.  Enjoy this time as we will be  working hard during the 
weekdays to prepare for MSA testing and 4th grade!