I have started sending home math homework.  This is made up of 2 purple slips for you to sign saying that your child has worked on math facts for 15 minutes that evening.  These can be done any 2 nights of the week.  When your student brings both back signed they earn a nickel to spend at the end of the week in the 1st Grade Store.  The math facts that they practice can be anything.  You can buy flashcards, or make flashcards, play computer games that are linked below, make fact sheets for your student, work on mental math by asking them the facts verbally, etc.  However works best for your family is how I want math facts to be practiced.

Right now we are working on basic addition and subrtraction (take away) facts and on counting by 1,2,5, and 10.

Here are some websites with math games to work on math facts. *New*