Course Description

Welcome to English 8! This year long course will study world literature with an emphasis on writing, vocabulary, listening, speaking, study, and test taking skills. Students will have intensive practice in the writing process and will continue to analyze literature stylistically and in light of human nature and as related to biblical truth. 

Literature is studied thematically, incorporating analytical skills. Students also study the elements of plot, characterization, foreshadowing, point of view, and structure. Vocabulary is taken from literature and studied in context. Students receive extensive practice in essay writing with an emphasis on thesis statements and formal structure.


Unit of Study / Topic

Supplementary Instructional materials


Faith Integration


Unit 1:  Old Man and the Sea The Pearl  (summer)   3 weeks

Old Man and the Sea

The Pearl  


What we value

 Symbolism Essay


Unit 2:  Collection 1-         3 wks

  • “The Most Dangerous Game”
  • “A Christmas Memory”
  • “Can Animals Think”


Elements of Literature


Analyze plot structure


Human worth in the eyes of God


Autobiographical Narrative


Unit 3: Collection 10 – 7 weeks

  •     The Odyssey



The Odyssey


Analyze epic poetry

Persuading with Cause and Effect
Giving a Persuasive Speech



Myths vs. Christianity



God/Goddess research Report


Unit 4:  Collection 2  -3 weeks

  • “Thank You. M’am”
  • “Marigolds”
  • “Teaching Chess, and Life”
  • “Community Service and You”
  • “Feeding Frenzy”


Elements of Literature


Analyze Characterization



Community service


Technical Documents

  • resume
  • job application
  • college essay
  • written instruction



End Semester One






Unit 5:  Collection 3 -        3 wks 

  • “The Interlopers”
  • “The Cask of Amotillado”
  • “Poe’s Final Days”
  • “Poe’s Death Is Rewritten”
  • “If Only Poe had succeeded when he said “Nevermore” to drink”
  • “Rabies Death Theory”


Elements of Literature


Analyze point of view.  Synthesize information from different sources

The use of Irony


  • Our bodies as temples:  No to drugs and alcohol


  • Essay: Biography
  • Project on chosen person

Unit 6: Collection 4 - 3  weeks

  • “The Sniper”
  • “Cranes”
  • "Liberty"
  • "Exile"



Elements of Literature


Comparing media coverage and themes


  • Murder and Human Worth
  • Loyalty to God and our Country


  • Essay: Comparing themes from 2 unrelated stories

Unit 7: 6 weeks

I-Search Paper - Research


Internet and Computer


  • Research
  • Documentation
  • MLA Format
  • Paraphrasing
  • Quoting


God's truth vs worldly truth
  • Research Paper
  • Oral Presentation

Unit 8: Collection 5 -3 weeks

   * Short Stories and Poetry

  • "The Necklace"
  • Gift of the Magi”
  • “The Lady, or the Tiger”
  • “A Defense of the Jury System”


Elements of Literature


  • Irony
  • ambiguity
  • evaluate author’s argument


Charity and Giving to others


  • Persuasive Paper
  • Commercial

Unit 9:  " A Midsumemr Night's Dream" 4 wks

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Analyzing characters

Understanding Shakespeare

Godly love vs the love of the world

Character Analysis Essay

In-Class Timed Essay