Our Class Baby

As part of our SESE programme we explore a strand called Growing and Changing. In this strand we explore how much we change between birth and starting school. To make this a more interesting unit we had a "real live baby! visit our room!

Our class baby, Aobh, came to visit us so we could see what a baby we would have been like when we were little. We had great fun guessing and rationalising the contents of her nappy bag. There were some great guesses! We were also fortunate enough to see her bottle being made. We are looking forward to seeing Eve again soon and watching her grow.


There are some of the contents of her nappy bag. Would you have guessed them?

                                     Baby formula                                                                       A changing mat and a change of clothes

Look at Bill! He decided to join in the fun by borrowing Aobh's buggy, bottle and bib.