Len and Jen

Len and Jen

Len and Jen are two characters from our reading scheme. Each child will have an opportunity to have them on a sleepover for a weekend as part of our Oral Language Programme. When they return to school on Monday your child will be invited to tell us all about the weekend and the adventures that Len and Jen had.

Photographs the sleepover make a very interesting talking point for the child presenting and for the class. I have created a "Len and Jen Corner" where they are displayed. If it is not possible for you to print them please email them to missmernagh@gmail.com where we can view them.

Some important information that you should know before Len and Jen come to visit!!


  • green skin with dark green spots
  • red gloves blue hat with the letter L on it
  • blue jumper with the letter L on it
  • Len likes to hide!!!


  • yellow skin with blue spots
  • blue gloves
  • white hat with the letter J on it
  • red jumper with the letter J on it
  • Jen plays tricks!!!!

Many thanks to the following families for taking such good care of Len and Jen while on sleepover:

The O'Connor Family

The Burke Family

The Hayes Family