Summer break

Summer break preparations!

In my class we have 5 more school days left before our long awaited vacation begins! The children in my Preschool class are preparing for their transition into kindergarten by conducting a simple play that will be held our last day!  What we thought would be a simple play has turned into the production of the year. We have been practicing a few times daily, as well as preparing costumes, learning dance routines, creating props, and packing the class. This a very busy time of the year, and as I will truly miss the class of 2010-2011, I am pleased with their academic progress, their language progression (the entire class is ESL) and maturity over these past nine months.

In the next five days, I will conduct 20 home visits, 2 IEP meetings, a play, finish the 6 butterfly costumes, make 3 sets of bunny ears, pack my entire classroom, plan a school staff cookout (with the help of 3 other staff members) stitch sequence to the costumes, shop and find 9 tank tops for the costumes and find embellishments (so that my girly girls of my class will be pleased) J and I almost forgot I decided to create a simple classroom yearbook for each student, that now holds 10 pages.

Five days in counting…. Whew!