Grading Policy

J       Miss Nicol’s Work Policies     J
Updated October 30, 2009
Grading Scale:           
A- 90-100                B- 80-89                C- 70-79                D- 60-69                F- 59 and below


o       4 pts: 2 pts for Effort (attempted every problem and wrote down each problem); 3 pts if 100% correct, 2 pts for 75% or higher accuracy, 1 pt for 50-75% accurate, 0 pts for 50% or below accurate 


o       Bellwork is to be completed quietly.  You will have an OAT/OAA Problem of the Day, Math Word Problem and Daily Math Practice to complete during the first 5-10 minutes of class.  In addition, this time is spent sharpening pencils, getting supplies ready, putting bookbags on the shelves and turning in homework. 

Progress Checks:

o       The progress checks will occur every four or five lessons.  A study guide will be given out two days prior to the progress check and we will go over it in class to answer any questions. It is to your benefit to complete these as they are VERY similar to the tests. They are worth 5 pts. 

Late Work:

o       Late work will result in a deduction of one point. Please try your best to turn in assignments on time. 

Missing Work:

o       On Mondays, you will receive a letter to take home if you are missing work to have signed by a parent and you will get the work to make up.  If you are missing 1 or 2 assignments, you will have to complete that work at home by a certain due date.  If you are missing 3 or more assignments, you will make-up the work during lunchtime until the work is completed.  If the problem continues, a phone call will be made home.  You are able to make work up that you are missing, but it will be considered late since it is not in on time. 

Make-up Work:

o       When you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the work on time.  You can locate the work in the While you Were Out folder. You have the same number of days that you were absent to make up the work.  If more time is needed, you will need to talk to me. Make sure you pick up your make-up work the day your return. Failure to do so, does not excuse you from doing the assignment.  If I have not put the assignment in the bin, please ask politely for the assignment. 

Extra Credit:

o        In order to complete the extra credit you must have NO missing assignments.  If you are missing any assignments or have zeroes, the extra credit will not be an option. No Name:o       You need to put your name on the right top of your page.  On the left side should be the assignment name.  Failure to write your name will result in a point off of the assignment. If I can’t tell what assignment it is, I will return it. 

Participation Points:

o       Each day, you will earn 4 points for participation. 2 points will come from asking or answering two questions in class.  The other 2 points will come from your behavior in class. 

**If you need to come in before school or stay after school to get help, please let me know and we can arrange a time.  Let me know at least a day in advance so I can make sure I am available.  I am willing to help if you are willing to put forth the extra effort.  **