What's Happening in Kindergarten?

What's Happening in Kindergarten?




Student of the Week:   Aiden Boorn

Letter of the Week:    Tt

Word Wall Words for the Week:  purple, black, orange, blue



Math: Chapter 2: Patterns  



I will update this page weekly to let parents know what we will be doing each week. I will include information such as snack days also if you misplace your schedule once they are sent home. If you have any questions throughout the year, please do not hesitate to get a hold of me at the school (309)932-2420 or email jouart@galva224.org. You may also wish to send a note in your child's folder if a reply is not needed immediatly or a change is made in your child's schedule. I look forward to working with you all and getting to know you and your child throughout the year.


Monday:  Our story for the week is Dig, Dig, Digging. We will be introducing the reading words: purple, black, orange, blue. We will practice the letter Tt. For math, we will continue working with patterns. We will begin constructing our own patterns and patters with more than two repeating objects. We will also continue our science unit on apples. We will tasting apples today dipped in jell-o. Today is Aiden's snack day!

Tuesday:  Today is red day! We will be writing the word red and coloring objects that are red. We will also dress in red and have a special red snack. We will practice writing the letters Vv and Ww and begin recognizing words that begin with the letter Vv and Ww. For math, we will copy AB patterns and continue AB patters that have already been given. For science, we will be tasting the three colors of apples and making a class graph to show what was our favorite color. Today is Braxton's snack day!

Wednesday: Today we will introduce the letter Xx.  We will practice writing the letter and practice the letter sound. Today is yellow day. We will find objects that are yellow and practice writing the word yellow. We will dress in yellow and have a special yellow snack. For math, we will finish a variety of patterns that are already given.  For science, we will be making patterns out of apple cut-outs. Today is Jennaca's snack day!

Thursday: Today we will introduce the letter Yy and write the letter Yy. We will also find words that have the Yy sound. Today is green day! We will write the word green and find things that are green. We will also dress in green and have a special green snack. For math, we will do predicting and extending patterns of what will come next in the pattern.  Today is Ava Strom's snack day!

Friday:   Today we have art. We will also be introducing the letter Zz. We will practice writing the letter and find words that have the Zz sound. For math, we will copy patterns from a variety of pictures.  We will continue with our apple unit again next week as we prepare for our field trip. We will have a half day and dismiss at 11:20 today. We will not have lunch at school. Today is Karlie's snack day! Happy Birthday Karlie!




Important Date:


-September 29th is our September celebration for PBIS.


-September 30th is the homecoming parade and football game.

-Parent/Teacher conferences will be October 5th and 6th.