Lesson Plans

Tuesday, 9/14
•    8:45-9:05 Morning Meeting
o    Read morning message
o    Greeting
•     “Good Morning” Greeting. Two students face each other, shake hands gently, make  friendly eye contact, and say, “Good morning, __________,” using each other’s first name. The greeting is passed around the circle.  
o    Go through calendar routines
o    Game: Elephant Went Out
•    Game: Elephant Went Out           
?    How to play: Players begin in a circle, with one player in the middle. All players establish a steady, even beat by clapping, and then begin the chant:
•    "One elephant went out to play
•    On a spider’s web one day.
•    He had such enormous fun
•    He asked another elephant to come."
•    The person in the middle mimes an elephant playing on a spider web. With the phrase asked another elephant, the one in the middle touches the hand of one of the players in the circle, who goes in the middle. Then continue the chant with…
?    "Two elephants …"
?    "Three elephants…"
?    "Four elephants…"
•    Continue the chant until all the players have been elephants in the middle.
•    9:05-9:20 Introduce September Poem and Poetry Journals
o    Glue poem in poetry journal (MODEL)
o    Draw a picture to go with the poem
•    9:20-9:30 Mondo Phonics
o    Routine 3, Routine 1, Routine 4, Routine 10
o    Need: Chart 1, airport poster scene, KEY WORD card a/apple, Teacher letter card “a”
o    “Abby saw an apple”
•    9:30-9:45 Chall-Popp Phonics Pretest
•    9:45-10:05 Shared Reading: “The Dragon” session 1
•    10:05-10:20 Snack and bathroom break
•    10:20-10:35 Read Aloud  
•    10:40-11:25 P.E.
•    11:30-12:00 Writing Workshop: Brainstorm ideas for writing – talk about who, what, where; emphasize true stories; first, then, next; turn and talk to tell a partner
•    12:20-1:05 Lunch
•    1:05-1:30 Math 1.2 (Investigating the Number Line)
o    Objectives:
•    to introduce number-line routines
?    to provide practice county up on the number line
•    Do a choral chount by 1’s (point to number line)
•    Repeat but whisper 4, shout 5th (whisper 1,2,3,4, shout 5, whisper 6, 7, 8, 9, shout 10, etc.)
•    Use fingers and number line to help count
•    Play Monster Squeeze
?    Leader thinks of a mystery number and then calls out two numbers that the mystery number is in between.
?    Students try to guess mystery number.
?    EX: “I am thinking of a number between 1 and 9. What’s my number? 2 children are bracket holders or monsters. 1 child covers the 1, the other covers the 9. Leader calls on someone to make a guess. Leader says, no, my number is smaller than 7 or no my number is bigger than 7. The bracket is then moved. Eventually mystery number will be squeezed between the brackets.
•    Finding the number of children who are absent
?    Write present and absent on the board and talk about the meaning of the word
?    XX children are in our class (Find on number line)
?    XX children are here today (Find on number line and see if you have to move to find the total # of children)
?    X children are absent
?    Make a TALLY TABLE
?    1 is abs/ 2 is abs/ 3 is abs/ 4 or more are abs/ everyone is here. Do a tally each day. (Do this on “homework” portion of board? or next to helpers.)
?    Send home Home Link 1.2
•    1:35-2:20 Art (Meredith)
•    2:20-3:00 Centers and Mondo Assessments
•    Magnetic Letters: make classmates’ names and write them out. Put in CENTER FOLDER and sign CENTER SHEET
•    Building center
•    Listening center?
•    Math manipulatives to make patterns
•    Book Corner

•    3:00-3:10 Pack up and dismissal