Morning Meetings

Morning meeting is a wonderful way to build classroom community. It helps set the tone for the day and creates a daily routine that provides security and comfort for the students. Morning meeting is the place where children and I teacher can share news about what's going on at home and at school.

Morning Meeting Routine

   Greeting: We will sit in a boy-girl pattern on the rug and say good morning to our classmates.

News and Announcements: After the greeting we will assemble on the floor and I will go over the day's agenda and make any special announcements.

Sharing: Our "Celebrity of the Week" will be sharing on Monday-Wednesday.

Morning Message: Each morning I will write a morning message on chart paper. This is when I will teach/review writing conversations.

Morning Meeting Procedures

  • Sit in a boy-girl alternating pattern.
  • Sit "criss cross applesauce" with hands in your lap.
  • Make eye contact when someone greets you and when you greet someone.
  • Be respectful of the person who is sharing by listening and understanding with empathy