Celebrity of the Week

This year each student in our class will have the opportunity be our "celebrity" of the week. During this week we will take the time to celebrate what makes this person special!


Celebrity of the Week

Celebrity of the Week Poster




Celebrity Poster

The Wednesday before your week, you will get a poster to complete over the weekend. On Monday morning you will share your poster during morning meeting with the class.


Celebrity Book Pick

On Tuesday our celebrity will share their favorite picture book with the class during morning meeting.


Celebrity Share

On Wednesday our celebrity will bring in 3 special items from home to share during morning meeting. Examples include photographs, favorite books, favorite movie or anything else that is important to them.


Fan Mail

On Thursday the class will present our celebrity with a homemade book made of letters that they have written to their classmate.


Celebrity VIP Treatment

On Friday our celebrity will be our line leader and helper for the day. They will also get to sit anywhere they choose during the school day.