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FCAT Writing Prompts: 

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Prompts 1-10 (pdf file of 1-10)

Something in Nature

Special Person

Favorite Thing to Do

Something Learned in School

Trip Anywhere in World

Favorite Sport

Be Anything for One Day

Favorite Toy or Game

Favorite Ride

Favorite Restaurant

Prompts 11-20 (pdf file of 11-20)


Why Follow School Rules

Favorite Teacher

Unusual Pet

Favorite Room

Favorite Story

Place You Would Like to Visit

Favorite Television Show or Movie

Favorite Time of Year

Reasons for Having a Pet

Prompts 21-30 (pdf file of 21-30)

Classroom Pet

Favorite Place

Healthy Foods

Important Object

Favorite Season

Animal Characters

Favorite Weather

Trip to Moon

Favorite Day of Week

Favorite After School Activity


Prompts 31-40 (pdf file of 31-40)


How to Keep a Friend

Perfect School

Favorite Food

How to Please Your Teacher

Jobs or Chores

Favorite Holiday

Field Trip

Friend Visit

Only One Toy

Prompts 41-50 (pdf file of 41-50)

Trip to the Beach


Favorite Thing to Do Outside

Substitute Teacher

No Computer or TV

Something You Do Well

Something You Want

Do With a Friend

Important Person in Your Life

Famous Person You Want to Meet


Prompts 51-60 (pdf file of 51-60)

Be an Astronaut

Community Worker

Show and Tell

Favorite Animal

Important Rules


Career You'd Like to Have

Favorite Book or Story

Trip to the Past

Place to Relax


Prompts 61-68 (pdf file of 61-68)

Thing to Do to Relax

Trip to Future

Favorite Game

Why Exercise


Do Anything for One Day

Part of a Team

Spending Time with Family